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1. January 1,2012 - A New Year Begins As The Old One Ended 2/25/2013
2. Now Is A Time Of Great Rejoicing 2/25/2013
3. Faith Is Enough 6/4/2013
4. Seek Self 6/7/2013
5. Return To The Now 6/13/2013
6. Now You Are Man 6/19/2013
7. Secure In Self, Secure In Love 6/24/2013
8. Celebrate This Day Of Awakening 6/27/2013
9. A Call Goes Out 7/9/2013
10. The Winds Blow Hard These Days 2/26/2013
11. Have Faith 2/27/2013
12. Only Self 7/15/2013
13. Healed By Self 8/13/2013
14. Allow Grace 8/22/2013
15. Listen Now 8/24/2013
16. A Choice To Be Made 8/26/2013
17. A Promised Land Of Our Own Making 8/29/2013
18. Now Will Come Heaven On Earth 8/30/2013
19. See With Eyes Of Beauty & Light 9/4/2013
20. Words Given 9/5/2013
21. Man United By Union 5/27/2013
22. Shall We Find Our Hearts Again 9/6/2013
23. No Longer Be Distracted Or Led Astray 9/7/2013
24. The Fall And Rise Of Man 5/16/2013
25. Love Rules The Lands 9/16/2013
26. A Time Of Recognition 9/17/2013
27. Love Transcends Karma 2/14/2014
28. Look Now! 2/15/2014
29. Life Returns 3/1/2014
30. Wisdom Is As A Stream That Flows Eternal 7/7/2014
31. We Are The Wayseers 9/28/2014
32. Write Your Book Of Love 3/6/2015
33. Love Is Not Just A Feeling 7/22/2015
34. We Are Beings Of Light 9/19/2013
35. Come To The Realization 11/26/2013
36. I And Others Have Sown Seeds Of Light 1/20/2014
37. Blessed Are Those Who Know Their Way 9/3/2015
38. Behold, A New Day Has Risen Within The Hearts Of Man 12/17/2015
39. Go Forth This Day 7/20/2016
40. A Journey Of Joy - A Poem By M.N. Hopkins 8/9/2016

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The Eternal Dance - A Poem By M.N. Hopkins

Freedom is what you all seek

And freedom will you have

One day in time

Freedom is the sweet fruit

The harvest time

Countless centuries have passed

Many have sacrificed

Not in vain

Never in vain


All acts are recorded

In the book of time

All deeds

All misdeeds

All occurances

All done for a reason



In reason and love

All add to the collective

All wait patiently

Upon the branches


The tree of life

Waiting ...

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Seek That Peace

Seek that peace.

That peace that awaits all whom be but still and at rest.

Seek an inner sanctuary.

That springs forth as a breathe.

As a whisper.

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