To Whom Do You Serve? Poem by Michael Hopkins

To Whom Do You Serve?

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Oh, such tenderness

Within the human spirit

To whom do you serve?

©2019M.N. Hopkins

To Whom Do You Serve?
Monday, March 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: humanity,kindness,love,sensitivity,spirit
Note:The first two verses of this poem were inspired and came directly to me a few days ago after watching a movie in which one of the main characters was a very sweet, sensitive and kind person which is a rarity in our world of socially engineered mental illness and a long list of genders. I tried 4 different versions of the 3rd line but none were right in my mind.I thought to have patience and wait for a week or even a month if necessary and had faith the final verse would come to me eventually. While walking today, the 18th of March,2019 the words came to me.Luckily, I carry paper and pen on me for occasions as this. I wrote the entire poem out and published it today, the 18th of March 2019 in the haiku style of poetry.
Jankovic Zoran 18 March 2019

She serves her conscience. If you did not read, take a book: Indecent obsession. The writer is Colleen McCullough. Same story and good book. Regards.

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Michael Hopkins 19 March 2019

Thank you for the book recommendation and for reading my poem and commenting..

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 25 March 2019

o GREAT poet MH would you cae to read my MOMS SMILES PLEASE.

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Michael Hopkins 26 March 2019

OK, I will take a look

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Rob Lamberton 31 January 2023

To serve others with that sweet, sensitive, and Kind Spirit! Thank you for this inspiring poem! !

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Lawrence 27 July 2022

It's funny how you talked down upon others in the same breath where you talked about kindness, sure kindness is rare but it's surly not something you Obtain

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David Wood 19 December 2021

I agree with Robert. Humanity is best served by being kind.

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Dr Antony Theodore 01 July 2020

tenderness Within the human spirit Did you really experience it? magical and mystical. tony

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Anjandev Roy 12 September 2019

Wonderful write......Thank u, dear poet. anjandev roy.

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Michael Hopkins 14 September 2019

You are very welcome AR

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Michael Hopkins

Michael Hopkins

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