Michael Shepherd Poems

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0264 Toothpaste Tubes And Toilet Seats

Why do I hate you? Let me count the ways...

Oh I could list them.... but no - not the trivialities
that drive us into impotent blind rage


Where is the one
I used to love so passionately –
and who, I thought,
loved me so passionately too…?

0403 The Medium Is The Message

'I wish you could see it - it's an incredible sight -
there's this unbelievable river of people -
like a Ganges or a Mississippi -
all moving at their various speeds

! Metamorphosis

and with good fortune
the experience grows itself
into a poem; so that
the poem then may seed itself

0235 The Close

Sit with it like a nurse
at the hour of dusk
every few minutes
glancing over

! ! The Lake Of Metaphor

and perhaps I came to poetry too late
to dive, a slimmish youth,
innocent as youth was or is
into the rich waters of the lake of metaphor

! The Poem That Got Away

I started a poem with a serious intent…
but who would ever guess the mess, and where that poem went?

I’d barely writ a line so fine, when the poem turned to me,

! ! The Morning Scent Of Rosemary

‘Rosemary – that’s for remembrance..'

Can you smell it now?
that tough yet choosy herb,

! Poem For David

The thing is,
a poem 'means' what it means to each reader,

not your poetry teacher,

Interfaith Debate

God is dead.
God is great.