0403 The Medium Is The Message

Rating: 2.2

'I wish you could see it - it's an incredible sight -
there's this unbelievable river of people -
like a Ganges or a Mississippi -
all moving at their various speeds
according to age and infirmity and determination,
all races and colours too,
yes, a bit of strain and pain on some faces,
but such a feeling of goodwill
as I've never experienced before-
cheerier than a Hallmark card -
all facing forward, carried by the others
and superbly marshalled - the angels -
so there's every support you could imagine,
I don't know why I ever had cold feet about it,
I feel that the future is rosy...
but the present's even better....
see you soon. Oh by the way,
forget sentiment and keepsakes, all that -
sling the marathon medal in the casket. It reminds me
of that last day. Funnily enough, it's rather
similar in a way, as we approach the finishing line -
' the pearly gates' ha ha;
yes, see you soon. Time flies, doesn't it? '

'And that' said the medium, turning up the lights,
'is all we've time for this session. I hope
it makes you feel better, dear. Most of my clients
say so, they go out happier...Yes,
I'll take an Amex card...'

Raynette Eitel 18 April 2005

I loved it, Michael. It made me chuckle. Your images were outrages and your ending superb.

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Michael Shepherd 18 April 2005

apologies, Gyppo, I missed out the crucial 'marathon' word trying to be too clever. Agatha Christie turned up at today's seance just in time to point this out..

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Scarborough Gypsy 18 April 2005

Michael, At first when I was reading through the first half of the poem, I thought it was about a marathon of some kind (and I supose it is really isn't it) ? I was quite surprised when I realised what the poem was really about but perhaps that is just me being thick. It kept my interest and I found it very amusing. The ending made me chuckle too. Kind regards Gypsy

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