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! Welcome To My Casting Couch, But Read The Small Print First

Rating: 2.9

Where is the one
I used to love so passionately –
and who, I thought,
loved me so passionately too…?

good question..

Two hot, cool chicks,
Ellen Berscheid and Elaine Walster,
told me that…
(OK, ‘Interpersonal attraction’,
Freeman, NY,1978 – that’s
even before your parents knew…)

that we should distinguish carefully
between passionate love
that’s too hhot-t-t... not to grow cold…
and companionate (the slippered) love…

Give it six months they say.
And if you’re still on speaking terms,
come back and tell us what you’ve found…

So goodbye, dear, and Amen…
here’s hoping we’ll think, now and then…
it could be for keeps…

and perhaps the perfect gift,
the romantic film, the bottle,
nose candy or the pills,
the getaway, just-each-other holiday,
white sand, sun, palm trees at
a brochure’s distance -

and the whole damn cycle could
start all over again…
but... you cutest butt...:

come live with me and be my love,
and wrong, we’ll all researchers prove…


That's the most fun thing about research which reaches negative conclusions/pronunciations, isn't it. Proving it wrong... at least in relation to oneself. A packed read M. t x

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Bill Grace 15 September 2007

Michael, A fine read and a gift thank you. Bill Grace

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