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! Poem For David

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The thing is,
a poem 'means' what it means to each reader,

not your poetry teacher,
not the guys who call themselves critics,

it's democracy come at last to the toffee-nosed
haughty-cultural world of the arts

so don't ask me what this one means,
you tell me, OK? that's if it means anything

oh did I forget something
ah yes the poem

sorry I seem to have forgotten
what I was going to say

Andrew mark Wilkinson 16 March 2007

Your... one hundred percent... right on this one.. Michael... Every one has his or her own Interpretation of a poem...10

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David Taylor 16 March 2007

U'r M.....................

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Ben Paynter 16 March 2007

seems at school all they do is try to get us to say what we think something means in a book, a poem, a story, and what do i know, he could be in love or he could be dying and the teacher says, 'correction', ' he was only sick', and who can tell the difference. i dont know, but i love this poem, great write, ten. ben

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You are as ever, M, the exception to the rule 'those who can't, teach'.... And yes. The teacher inspires and guides but does not give 'answers' to what is inherently and necessarily subjective. We should remember this! Never occurred to me before that 'critic' is a self-appointed term but it is, isn't it.... speaks volumes. I just love the ending; since you weren't going to say anything. t x

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