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Giving pheasants as presents
Would be a new fad
If enough pheasants at
Christmas could be had.

'I'm leaving you now, '
Said the leaf to the branch.
'Have a safe journey, '
Replied the branch to the leaf.

When e'er I hear the name Lola,
I think of many years ago
My falling in love with Lola,
Wanting so much to tell her so.

There was a day
When we were in luck
And heard the sound
Of the ice cream truck.

If I kissed you,
What would you do?
Slap my left cheek?
Shout, "How dare you? "

I travel, alone, to far places,
My mind, at times, wishes me to see,
Exotic thoughts my penned hand releases
In verse, prose fashion for posterity.

I'd like to come down and play with you, "
Said the thoughtful hawk to the hen
Who moments ago, quite handily,
Escaped from farmer's wired pen.

God spoke in parables.
Poets do so in verse.
Poets get fewer followers.
But it could be much worse.

With more Joe Biden
Expect generational

Take that ring off your finger
And do give it back to me.
You don't deserve wearing it
Since i caught you in adultery.

When the American dollar
Disappears to who knows where
And crypto takes ove,
Its consequences--BEWARE!

It's not the time
To say, you don't love me.
It's not the time
To ask for a divorce.

If you love to be in love,
Then, every day is a lovely day.
And in love, while being loved
Makes for even a better day, I say.

How do robins know
There will be no more snow
And in March come around,
Scavenge off the ground,

I got a tree
And got it free,
Planted it when as small as me.
i, now, can see

Ann Droid and Sam Sung
Built themselves a phone
Should this fact to you
Be somewhat unknown.

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Soul Color

Pigment of one's skin should not matter
Nor should one dress keeps us apart,
Passing through life's pitter-patter,
What really counts is the hue in one's heart.

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Wisdom ignored is folly deserved.

What may be seen moral to man may not be seen moral to God.

Friends are for fun. Families are forever.

An irony worth due reflection. One must die to see true Perfection.

Logic is the next best thing to common sense.

Friends are for fun. Families last forever.

Disciple without consequences is an inconsequential endeavor.

Sometimes it is better to do nothing than to so something.

'Every morning the crow gives me a wake-up caw.

Death cures life's ills.

Lack if self confidence is due to lack of an education.

It is not that America is bad, rather, it is those who hate America that are bad.

Action may speak louder than words But words let you know action may be coming.

What's earthly has no certainty.

Pessimism is optimism without hope.

If you judge a man by his color, then, you must be colorblind.

When sin becomes irrelevant, the Devil does.

No need for alarm when waters are calm.

Coronavirus is pollination in reverse.

It's not that I hoard everything, It's just that I don't get rid of anything!

Keep dwelling on the bad past and you will not have a good future!

Liars only tell the truth when they lie!

if you keep reliving the past, you will never get to live the future.


Geniuses build. Morons destroy.

A dishonest press invites social unrest.

Fanatical obsession produces a fatal outcome.

If you don't believe this is an imperfect world, why seek a perfect world?

How unhappy one must be to have to thrive on hate.

Hooker returning back from a vacation: 'It's great to get back on my back again! '

Georgia was the fourth state to join the union. It is the first socialist state in the union!

Republican result: The best is yet to come! Democrat result: The worst is yet to come!

There are two kinds of love. A love that loves to love. A love that loves to hate. The ones that loves to hate are in progress right now!

What's my secret to a long life? I keep breathing!

When you start admiring crooks than cops, then, you know the nation is going o hell.

Thee is no living in war--just a good chance of dying.

Yesterday's failings are today's opportunities!


It takes two good feet to sand up for freedom and a no brainer to believe otherwise!

Isn't it ironic the generation that defeated Fascism raises a generation that adores Fascism?

If you want to screw up a car engine, put the wrong part in. If you want to screw up a country, bring the wrong people in.

Without Christianity, there would no charity

Yesterday was. Reality is now.


What good is truth without its acceptance?

Diversity without principle encourages chaos!

Children without parents are much like the earth without moon and sunlight. They live in constant darkness.

Laws don't destroy a country, politicians who make the laws destroy a country.

Retailers advertise in some publications whose owners don't believe in capitalism!

Capitalizing on one's misfortune is like stealing from the grave.

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