The Hawk And The Hen Poem by michael Smajda

The Hawk And The Hen

Rating: 5.0

I'd like to come down and play with you, "
Said the thoughtful hawk to the hen
Who moments ago, quite handily,
Escaped from farmer's wired pen.

"Oh, please fly down, " answered the hen.
"Then, we won't shout as we both talk."
So, downward toward the friendly hen
Flew the fearless, wily hawk.

Before the hen could greet, "Hello, "
The daring hawk, without a pause,
Snatched the terrified chicken up.
He had awesome powerful claws.

Suppertime was the hawks's true intent.
The eaten chicken found otherwise.
Hawks circle for gullible prey
They view a catch to their keen eyes.

So, don't make friends with anyone
You never saw or do not know.
Or, you too, could be like chicken bait
For some devious so and so.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: birds
Sylvia Frances Chan 03 September 2021

Never trust a peadofhile. Excellent metaphors in this poem to warn kids Never trust an old soul.5 Stars full

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Sandra Feldman 03 September 2021

A wonderful poetic fable, artistically told, Its teachings promoting protection for trusting and innocent souls. Enjoyed!

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Kim Barney 03 July 2019

Michael, I just looked up Rhyme Royal or Rime Royale on Wikipedia and this is what I found: Form. The rhyme royal stanza consists of seven lines, usually in iambic pentameter. The rhyme scheme is ABABBCC. In practice, the stanza can be constructed either as a tercet and two couplets (ABA BB CC) or a quatrain and a tercet (ABAB BCC) . So, what you have here is NOT Rime Royale, but it is still very good.

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Kim Barney 03 July 2019

I love stories about animals and this one held my attention from beginning to end! Nice rhyming pattern, but are you sure this is Rime Royal? It's very similar to Ballad form, which I use a lot. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this very much.

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