The Ice Cream Truck Poem by michael Smajda

The Ice Cream Truck

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There was a day
When we were in luck
And heard the sound
Of the ice cream truck.

We would ask our parents,
With gleaming eyes,
To buy us a cone
Of any size.

And with a few cents
Chose creams we loved best.
Then, we had, to ourselve,
An ice cream fest.

Today, ice cream trucks
Don't patrol our streets
Or our fun way of
Buying ice cream treats.

Bharati Nayak 21 June 2022

A beautiful poem that also arouses nostalgic memories of my childhood days.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 June 2022

In my hometown is this habit a long gone times habit, no more ice cream along our frontdoors, all sorts of ice cream we can buy in the nearby restaurants or ice cream shops. Excellently worded, this poem about buying ice cream in the past 5 Stars Topscore

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 19 June 2022

We had them in our neighbourhood two years ago

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Jayne Louise Davies 19 June 2022

The good old days. Just not the same now. Great poem! Loved it. Five stars*

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Michael Smajda 19 June 2022

appreciate it.

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