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It's unusual gray— fettered on her nails
Closure with the gait, of yesterday pains.
She bore the weakness; wrinkles flesh
...veins confess way above the skin.

Have you ever watch from a high Or a peak of a mountain
Watching the sea foam and swipe
Folds and sly
Current wiggle

Those of you
Who counted me worthy
Of a morsel
  Who weigh me capsules

      Are they making you do things
                   Unholy practice
          It's tough to save yourself

He found me a fortune
Fortune so profound

He said, 'Son, your debt had been paid.'

'A million dreams'

There is a world
I can see afar

Peeping from the hole whom the heart felt a burst of peace.
Lord of peacock in my heart had slept with the gods.

No blurry vision like one looking into tunnel of despondence.

'To my love'
I'll write at the wall of spaces
To bring us closer
Than what swords can weigh.

'Only Glow; never go'
Only you could hear
When the music morns me well
Only your streams can tell


Slay mama
Sexy platters
Riding all guys manners

Fidget not by the sway
or the glory vain
Coming like the mary may
Of early days rain.

...Due time, would that be
I mean truly be
If i could ask again
May i ask in due hours

Micheal Bello Biography

Bello Micheal is a Nigerian Poet, Essayist, Writer, Digitar Motivator and a constant Podcaster. Check his Podcast on speaker.com using the hash tag #Spark of Inspiration. He is one of the earliest innovators of the Talented Citadel, created mainly for creators, inventors and many more. He also created a group to build up Porters to be the best. Mickey is best known for his work, check most of his work on Facebook— Micheal Bello.

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The Last Straw

It's unusual gray— fettered on her nails
Closure with the gait, of yesterday pains.
She bore the weakness; wrinkles flesh
...veins confess way above the skin.
Her face blurb again; tormenting a smirk
Array by the sound of pat-tap
Her gentle gait lessen.
A knock brush against the door.
Her eye ball, dark dull balls blinked. Eye brows twitched— a small lad dodged weak on the pines.
Feet stucked to same spot; weight of the scarcity.
A tap again—'pat...'

The door jerked, causing the two to grimace in fear.
They marched together like comrades.
Weighting the iron; clung fitly into their fingers.
Letting darkness frame, with reservation.
Each steps loads with gait and agility.
'Remain. Fasten your butt up mama.' tough but gentle
A screech sound of the door
The door fell with a dull thud.
Clasp with fear, her feeble hands braces over her lad.

Again, the morrow came
And fuels skyrocket bail
For hunger rain to gate the sunny bait.
Face flushes with red
'Not again-' would always appeal.
For pen and papers are hammer 🔨 to appeal peace to war.
The last episodes of the livings
Comes as gongs and bickerings.
Their prances, chatters,
cloacky; penetrating the eardrum.
Drum of war here; massacre there
Flute of death; tears abreast.

Where is it?

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Time is like coconut that losses the sweetness as it grow older. So it's like a man that fails to identify his own strength.

Better not give up You will surely miss the whole gist. Do not worry. Do the best you can, gather the little you have. You can still make it better

When will the moon visits the morning which await for time being.

I will not hold you responsible for my misfortune. It was due to my mistake. Nevertheless, do not forget that I have a space for you in my heart.

Hundred people cannot take the first. Life is both for Losers and Winners.

Not only the lion can rule the jungle. The others might be hiding, waiting for their time. Some are preparing for their time. And some are fumbling their strength until it crumble before the lions

Funny comments are many Outrageous ones are more Dumb questions are unnecessary to answer Wise listeners and reader are smiling at all.

Never regard peoples bad comments, they will prick you. Behold of sugar coated comments, they are crack in the flesh. Regard those who type out your errors and also appreciate you. Remember, all are not some and some are not all. For you to grow, you need to regard yourself and refrain who you are.

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