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life is not granted,
and death cannot be evaded,
like a poison on my lips,
people are running, with no place to go,

When it rains,
the wind blows,
the trees bows
and i hear indistinctly

i could hear the squeaking of the birds,
i could hear the buzzing of the bees,
in this empty street, i never wish to be,
as the night is drawing near,

Mr chef makes the world's
nose to have a continious
of an aromatic delicacy,


Lone man on a delabitated fence,
thinking of his ways
but he is helpless
gazing at the uncoutable stars

Oh ye, my friends come,
i have gists, but let me tell you one,
have you ever seen a sexy lass before?
If not, let me show you one.

This is the time,
Here are the days
that i'm at your side,
and you treat me as a poor lad,

If i tell my girl the truth
this is where i belong to
and these are my basic root,
then our love tone 'll be tune

You still whimpers?
Literarily lone, somely lost?
Wondering of those artifice?
But that is just the way it is,

To live is not all to be alive,
though black and white i paint my heart,
i opened and closed my eyes,
hoping that the scenario is not lost,

Oh Life! Why this fate?
oh love! Why this day?
When choices are choose-less,
when the time is already late,

My heart i urge,
go on still,
your work is to pump blood,
and keep the body alive,

I smile for my days to be
with a lingering lasting longlive love seed,
sown in me, long ago,

as an old man,
every uneasy step i take,
i miss the long walk,
each sigh i make,

soils is little pant,
plays around dirty sand,
tiptoed around like a drunk,
babbles, because he struggles to talk

never say 'die',
always hope bright,
its just a delay but the destiny is not nab,
if you can't run, you can glide,

Am so confuse, even don't know where to start from, but is this how life will goes on?
I need a change,
i need a true me,
even though defeat stand in front akimbo,

The air blow its breeze,
the rain drop its water,
the sunrise, for the day,
and the moon for the night,

Micheal Olaniyi Biography

i was born in the familly of five, i was a science student who read chemistry/mathematics in federal government colledge abeokuta, but ever since in my secondary school i have had emotional feeling, because i do love quotes, so i wrote quotes all over my notebooks, at least three on each note. i later started writting quotes myself, and finally one day i was trying to write a quote, and i now realize its getting more complex, then i later thought of changing it to poem. that is how i wrote my first poem ever titled 'My style'......i am still a young boy struggling with is career. i want someone to show me how i can started using this my poem to make money. i lived in ijebu ode in ogun state, but a native of osun state in ikirun.)

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The Pretty-Ugly

life is not granted,
and death cannot be evaded,
like a poison on my lips,
people are running, with no place to go,
the heart of a human is evil,
he who know cannot tell,
and he who can, seeth not,
the rich knows they are lucky,
the poor are still hardworking,
whilst the dead stays low-key.

Much time has been wasted,
thinking we can solve the world problems,
tho' we're trying to be positive,
but they don't want us to live,
the world is revolving with no time to stop,
this is what am going through,
but i got my heads up, just like i promised you,
that my heart will go on.

There is only one wise man i knew,
who lived in the ghetto of human womb,
he seeth everything in human,
even though the place is dark,
he stood dumb,
till he was born,
and cry when forced to talk.
My friend,
cross your t's,
and dot your i's
remember the time,
even though life is beautiful,
behold, life is not granted.

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Micheal Olaniyi Popularity

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