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Jerry Hughes 09 October 2008

This young lady has potential, encourage her please...

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*just A Little Mistake, Daddy*

He was the best human being i've ever known,
He was as gentle as a lamb
He loved me more than anybody could've
But he made me cry

I was his little princess
I still would've..........
If he had'nt left me
I cried the whole night you left me daddy

I used to wonder if i was the reason
Or was it because of mommy? ?
This I would never know.......
I wish i 'd find out someday....

Or Is she better than us? ? ?
Did she love you more than we do?
I longed for you every single day,
Wishing that you'd come back..

I saw there lying on his death bed
I wished to hugg him
But he had another princess
My heart bled and broken into pieces..

I saw regret in his eyes
Tears were falling on his cheek
It was too damn late to turn back
He died a broken Heart......

'Just a little mistake, daddy'

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