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I'm 51 years (young) , have 3 children and 5 grandchildren, all of whom I am very proud of. German born and raised, I now live in Scotland. I have a dream and I will never give up on it until I have made it reality.

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The Still Of The Night

As the darkness of night surrounds me
there's such an amazing beauty I see
just raising my eyes to gaze into the sky
I can feel my spirit rejoyce and fly high.

How To Reach Your Goal

Too many blessings we receive are taken for granted
when no effort is needed to achieve what we wanted
we would never appreciate the lessons to be learned
if everything was given without needing to be earned.

Love We Share

Love is so fragile, like a small butterfly
and if we're not careful it can easily die
it needs to be nurtured to make it grow
and at times we even have to let it go

The Soldier

The silence is broken by a sudden sound
the soldier drops quickly to the ground
as he looks around to find a safe place
the fear clearly written all over his face.

The Joys Of Life

There are such awesome joys that are ours for the taking
even when it feels to us that our tender heart is breaking.
Just turn your head and raise your gaze to the sky above
so you may feel how soon the sadness is replaced by love.

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