Kumarmani Mahakul Mother-Daughter Poems

My Mother Is Power

My mother is power, my mother is power,
Far above the sky so far ever I see tower.

My mother is light, my mother is light,


Mother is the ocean of love and affection
Over and all over the world her role is important
Tolerance and teaching are her weapons
Heaven is found in mother's lap

Incarnate As Mother Please

Oh dear Supreme God, our father,
You incarnate as our mother,
Within this nature through your power,
You come within soon dear God,

Goddess Nature Oh Mother

In flame of wisdom we worship,
Having deep austerity,
Midnight has become mid-day,
We are not worried,

If Mother Tells To Write Thesis

If mother tells to write thesis repeatedly,
Son should write it faster than repetition.
Reading and writing should be done daily,
Simultaneously care should be taken soon.

Mother's Day

Mother is the embodiment of love and affection,
Over all, she is the best advisor of a child,
Teacher, sister, mother-in-law and granny she is
Having a nature of sacrifice and tolerance.

Pistaka Meal On Mother's Day

A delicious Pistaka meal is offered
To all the mothers of the world,
Every pistaka is prepared at home,
Pistaka is the Sanskrit word for cake,

Great Is Mother Nature

Great is her day, each day
That we realize as heaven,
When in a banyan leaf
She offers a banyan fruit

Mother You Are In Mind

Oh my mother I am missing you,
Losing you in teenage in dew.
Although in old age I do think,
As stars to mother sun do link.

Mother And Motherland

Mother and motherland
Both are honourable,
We must take care of them.

Mother Is Ever In Mind

Mother is our perfect giver of bliss.
Victor she is ever we never miss.
Her boons beautifully flow from far.
Mother is fortune she is shining star.

Mother Rat Returned Back

Mother rat was searching for food,
She saw bread was hung in a cage,
Rat entered in house of neighbour,
Door of cage was suddenly closed.

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