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Suddenly I was awake
Wide-awake like I had never gone to sleep
And the face of the clock at my bedside
Showed me the twelfth night watchman

I was yanked from my mother’s womb
Pushed into this world
Without a choice
Slapped on my behind


It is long since I have been here
Yes you may ask, where is here?
I say you may ask, why here?
So listen to what I’ve got to say about this here

I wish I were the song
That comes to your mind when you are happy
I wish I were the comforting words
Of the song you sing when you are sad

I hesitated as I touched her legs
And she coaxed me on as if she could sense
The inexperience of a fifteen year old boy
I ran my hand along her smooth body and I became afraid

Listen O’ mothers listen O’ sisters
Listen the spirit of reason is in me
And I tell of the hurt that should never be.

‘Mpho… come out and enjoy the shine
It is a beautiful day out here; ’ said Dee
I stood up and started towards the door,
For a moment I felt the thrill and the excitement

I sat there my head bowed in dejection
It had been a long search
But now that it was ended
I did not know what to do with what I had in my hand

I have been on this road
I know the signs
I can show you all the landmarks
And it had not been an easy road.

My friend you say that
I cannot know the pain you are feeling
That I will never comprehend the situation you are in
But let me tell you this

She grabbed me roughly from my child sleep
And threw me on her back like a sack of mealies
She used to carry from the fields.
Her back was knotted with the hump in her heart

I look at you and I can see sadness on your face
I can feel the weight of the goodbye upon your shoulders
Your eyes brim with tears of farewell
And I ask myself, Why?

What kind of a person are you, or may I say animal?
Anyway, will it help even if I knew?
Will it take away this hatred I feel for you?
Will it bring back those loved ones?

Little man child grow up
Stop moaning and feeling sorry for yourself
Remember the world doesn’t owe you anything
You owe it to the world because

Precious, how precious?
Like a diamond you are so beautiful
Yet like that precious stone you are so cold.
From afar you look so vulnerable

The old man was at it again
splashing paint all over the western sky
and like a pre-school child
He was gleefully mixing different colours on the sky board

The tone was set
To the artistic beauty of the candle lit splashpool
With the firefly and Chinese lighting in the backdrop
The night was accommodating

You wake up to a glorious morn
To a cheerful song of the birds
The clear skies sighing in the acknowledgement
Of a magnificent day to be

Words, Words, Words,
Why is it when I need you,
You deny me of your presence?
Why is it when I want to touch you

You came into my life
When I was down and low
You accepted me
Even though I was a stranger

Mpho Petrus Manwedi Biography

Who am I? You know I have been searching for an answer to this question for the past 54 years, February 03 1952, and still I don’t know. Mpho Manwedi you say? Actually it should be Manoeli, but someone during the apartheid years saw fit to write it as he/she saw fit and there was nothing I could do so I just left it at that and this adds to, “Who is Mpho Manwedi? ” The name Mpho means a gift and I would really like to live up to it. But then, who is he? Is he, that stubborn man who wants to do away with the injustices of this world? A man who would rather set aside his own problems and find fulfillment in helping others? Or is he, that little man-boy who cries when he hears a sad song? The man-boy who laughs when he watches comics on television? The one, who gets frustrated by the sadness in this world? The man-boy, who will rather forgive and forget? The one, who will give his last penny just to make somebody happy or, the man-boy who will pick up a pen and just write about what he feels? Or, is he that detached individual who gets bored even in a happy crowd? The individual, who would rather sit inside and look out through the window of his soul and watch the world go by? The individual who calms the stubborn man and brings comfort to the man-boy? Who is Mpho? Well maybe you can help me find out so go on you are welcome to try.)

The Best Poem Of Mpho Petrus Manwedi

The Moon

Suddenly I was awake
Wide-awake like I had never gone to sleep
And the face of the clock at my bedside
Showed me the twelfth night watchman
Had gone by

I looked outside through the window
And the silence of the moonlight called to me
I went out into the stillness of the night
And oh! Oh! Oh! What a beaut,
Oh! What a beaut

In the clear night sky
The moon in sheer brilliance
Was sitting on her throne
And like a virgin bride,
she was fully clothed in white
and all but the lordly stars
were bowing to her in reverence

I stood there, caught in that moment
Lost in the wonder to one of God’s creations
I felt so humbled that,
I too bowed to that heavenly presence.

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Mpho Petrus Manwedi Popularity

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