Why Not? Poem by Mpho Petrus Manwedi

Why Not?

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I have been on this road
I know the signs
I can show you all the landmarks
And it had not been an easy road.

I was taken for a ride on this road
And that had been a really rough ride.
My fellow travelers had all used me on this here road
Some to show them the signs
Some to ride on my back
And they were all doing to get my help over this terrain,
As you are doing now.

How do I help you?
A voice inside me says, “Don’t”
But another says, “ Why not? ”
The don’t voice is getting louder
But my being says I should listen to the why not voice.
I am a crossroads whether to walk this way with you,
Because I have really been hurt by people like you.

I can only ask the guy above to give me guidance through all this.
He walked on that torturous road for me
He took my sins upon his back and died for me on that cross
He did that even though he knew I would still hurt him in return
But He nevertheless took it upon himself
To walk this terrain so that my soul should be saved
You want me to be your guide on this road
Well, “Why not? ”

Barry Van Allen 17 January 2007

Mpho, Do not make the same mistake, that so many insist on making! Who you are is not dependent on someone else! Stand - up on your own two legs!

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Sean North 31 August 2006

nou preek jy mos weer meneer, dankie ouboet, you the kinda guy i woulnt mind walking with... anywere..even to lesotho... Mpho

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Mpho Petrus Manwedi

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