The Climb Poem by Mpho Petrus Manwedi

The Climb

Rating: 5.0

I hesitated as I touched her legs
And she coaxed me on as if she could sense
The inexperience of a fifteen year old boy
I ran my hand along her smooth body and I became afraid
But she held on to my hand and guided me to her cleft
And as my hand touched that split, I felt my emotions rising.
She took me in her arms and I held on tight
I hugged her to me with all my strength my body as tight a spring trap
But I soon relaxed as she led me on that climb
She anticipated my every move
And as I grappled with her rocky breasts I felt a joy I had never had before
I heaved and humped as I got my rhythm
And my boyish fears were cast aside as we became one.
I gave her my spirit, I gave her my soul, and I gave her my whole being
And as my climb reached its climax, I felt that roaring sensation of ecstasy that I shouted out.
And the joy that I felt can only be imagined.
Yes, that was the first of my many climbs
On that mountain that overshadowed my village back home in Lesotho

Barry Van Allen 16 January 2007

Mpho, To get a '10' from me isn't really rare, but, I don't throw them out like some! What you said was almost what any 'kid' that age was thinking! And doing! BUT, the way that you described it was outstanding!

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Sean North 05 August 2006

Mpho i to love to make love to lesotho, thanx for sharing her NDODA, the beautifull lady in your backyard,

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Dee Daffodil 03 August 2006

Very clever piece Mpho...etremely well certainly leave the reader wondering, right until the very end. Great poem! Hugs, Dee

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Mpho Petrus Manwedi

Barkly West/South Africa
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