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Do I Go For It?

I sat there my head bowed in dejection
It had been a long search
But now that it was ended
I did not know what to do with what I had in my hand

I was afraid to say, “Lord help me”
I was afraid to lift my eyes us up to Him
Yes, I was afraid to come into his presence
Because what I had thought through in my search,
Was most outrageous and horrific.

How it had started I know
Looking back I allow I am to blame
Even though they say it takes two to tango.
However I can only say, ‘mea culpa’.
But I just do not know how I came to this ...

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Be A Man

I was yanked from my mother’s womb
Pushed into this world
Without a choice
Slapped on my behind
Without dignity and told,
Go out there and be a man

I was given toy cars and guns to play with
Thrown into this rough and tumble playground