Mpho Petrus Manwedi Poems

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The Moon

Suddenly I was awake
Wide-awake like I had never gone to sleep
And the face of the clock at my bedside
Showed me the twelfth night watchman

Be A Man

I was yanked from my mother’s womb
Pushed into this world
Without a choice
Slapped on my behind


It is long since I have been here
Yes you may ask, where is here?
I say you may ask, why here?
So listen to what I’ve got to say about this here

I Wish

I wish I were the song
That comes to your mind when you are happy
I wish I were the comforting words
Of the song you sing when you are sad

The Climb

I hesitated as I touched her legs
And she coaxed me on as if she could sense
The inexperience of a fifteen year old boy
I ran my hand along her smooth body and I became afraid

Listen O' Mothers

Listen O’ mothers listen O’ sisters
Listen the spirit of reason is in me
And I tell of the hurt that should never be.

What Should I Do?

‘Mpho… come out and enjoy the shine
It is a beautiful day out here; ’ said Dee
I stood up and started towards the door,
For a moment I felt the thrill and the excitement

Do I Go For It?

I sat there my head bowed in dejection
It had been a long search
But now that it was ended
I did not know what to do with what I had in my hand

Why Not?

I have been on this road
I know the signs
I can show you all the landmarks
And it had not been an easy road.


My friend you say that
I cannot know the pain you are feeling
That I will never comprehend the situation you are in
But let me tell you this

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