What Should I Do? Poem by Mpho Petrus Manwedi

What Should I Do?

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‘Mpho… come out and enjoy the shine
It is a beautiful day out here; ’ said Dee
I stood up and started towards the door,
For a moment I felt the thrill and the excitement
Of going out into that night rained, sunshine filled world
With the birds punching all sorts of beautiful melodies into their songs
But then I hesitated; something made me hold up.
And that moment passed.
What was it, fear?
Was it the fear of that unknown world out there?
Was it uncertainty?
Uncertain of what that world held for me?
I have seen its ugliness as I sat here at the small window of my soul.
Or was it laziness?
I have stayed inside for so long and maybe I do not want to lose my comfort zone
What shall I do?
What should I do?

Barry Van Allen 17 January 2007

Mpho, As I recall, somewhere along the line... I mentioned - - - that swinging that around and flinging that hanging rope out there, can have a good result!

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Dee Daffodil 16 August 2006

MPHO...step by step...to the door...step by step...20 feet beyond...there...sit and ponder things for awhile from a different perspective...you might find that you've recreated your comfort zone. Then bit by bit...further and further... or...you could stay in your comfort zone...and stare at your computer all day...wishing that you could be somewhere else...be someone else... Up to you really my friend... Hugs: -) Dee

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Mpho Petrus Manwedi

Mpho Petrus Manwedi

Barkly West/South Africa
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