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Wait, wait for a while
Until my lips care to smile

Wait, wait for a while

Who am I?

Am I just a flesh of despair on a plate of hopefulness?


Love cries for man.
Man cries for pelf.
Pelf cries for power.
Power cries for vigour.

Growing older is the shinning sun in the darkness but its spark cannot erase the absence of light

Growing older is the alluvion deposited by the flood of experience but its alluvium cannot protect the wash of sea against the shore

I hate to love.
So, I love to hate.
I hate 'love'.
So, I love 'hate'.

Everyone loves love; but how many can endure?
The ways of love are so many, we all must know.
From Fair love to the Sacred love; the Divine love to secure.
True Pure love, Impartial love can unconditionally glow.

As ‘F’ Follows the Fortune so Far.
Gracious ‘G’ Goes to the Godlike ‘Sir’.
Gazing on his Garden to Give up the Grave.
‘G’ says – “Good bye and be brave! ”

Stairway, you are mine
Beneath my feet
your vertical distance

He was aware not to swear anything at his life's dinner table
where there was no candle light appearance;
but the presence of requisite silverware to dine on his soul food
seemed to be the only life saver.

They were two individuals
Not knowing each other
They started to follow their minds
Distance did not bother

I can never tell
whether it's his heart or mine beating
when passion pulsates
faster than our hearts oneness


Wish I could overcome your cruel invitation
to the ultimate destination

I discover your motives, now you discover mine.
It is an Eternal Love that we actually align.
I discover you My Love having all the life's skill.
Now the rule of staying focused I'm bound to fulfill.

You cannot be able to ravish me my love
Can never ever
For there will always be my consent
As I'm dying to make love to you

Live if you can when the water runs dry.
Once in a decade perhaps, or never in a life
Save your tear so that you won’t have to cry.
Let the water flow and wash away the strife.

I have to endeavor instead of trying
Need to weep a lot as I stop crying
Why should I tell when I want to say
I’d rather beg when I’m forced to pray

As I’m standing here onto the earth….
My thoughts are traveling with the variations in the relative positions of Earth, Sun and Moon.... My thoughts are traveling during lunation, with the phases of the moon....…

First with the new moon - my thought full of anticipation starts to travel around the galaxy! !

Munia Khan Biography

Munia Khan was born on a spring night of 15th March in the year 1981. She enjoys her journey to the literary world. Most of her works are poems of different genres.She is the author of three poetry collections: 'Beyond The Vernal Mind' (Published from USA,2012) , 'To Evince The Blue' (Published from USA,2014) , and 'Versified' (Published from Tel Aviv, Israel,2016) Her poetry is the reflection of her own life experience.Her works have been translated into various languages: Japanese, Romanian, Urdu, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Indonesian, Bengali and Irish. Her poetry has been published in several anthologies, literary journals, magazines and in newspapers.)

The Best Poem Of Munia Khan

' Wait For A While'

Wait, wait for a while
Until my lips care to smile

Wait, wait for a while
Until my heart feels agile

Wait, wait for a while
Until I hate the fragile

Wait, wait for a while
Until I learn your sly guile

Wait, Wait for a while
Until I burn sorrow's pile

Wait, wait for a while
Until love comes to beguile

Wait, wait for a while
Until time stands juvenile

Wait, Oh! Wait for a while
Till I cross this life's next mile.

Munia Khan Comments

Marck Riggins 23 October 2012

I never had a reason to truly bathe in the words of inspiration until your reasoned rhetoric and multi-dynamic of metaphor became a staple of my mind's appetite. Thank you for helping me be a lover of poetic brilliance such as shines from your pen.

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Marck Riggins 03 September 2012

Munia, Your poetic work is always beyond my small imagination. Your artistry in using form, imagery, phrasing and the opportune metaphor is untouchable for most poets. In my eyes, you are the 'Poet's Empress'. I can never imitate nor predict the creative worlds and alternate perspectives which you lead the reader into, by your immaculate word-play. My hat is off to you, as I bow to your heartfelt sculpting of language. Yours truly, The Poet- Jester, Marsink

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Ahmed Khaled 02 September 2011

what a sound dwells in your rainy soul, munia, let it stir the green cloud of love in the inner heaven of you to grant poetry the ever_lasting rain foreveer// yours: ph.d: a.khaled

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