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come to me, christ..
walking together..
on the rivers of sky..
on the light wings..

the sea was dust,
the dust was sea,
and both were sky
no one there

merciful father......
i beg you alot......
by the names of all saints and lovers......

walk with me..
you and me, not separate
our poem is totality
and our poetry,

tell the wave...
not to burn
tell the fire...
not to wet

Have'nt you known, darling..
That things in you ignite,
To let the me in poetry..

..no longer, the fog..
could see the man
because, another fog..
made of man..

40 years under the rain
and still the desert....
lives in my clothes.

didn't you know......
love is made of iron......
didn't you know......
heart is made of glass......

in the beginning..
it was a colour,
a colour decided to be a poem
and it was.

it left all light behind
came alone to see me
at moments, exiled out of time
raining old faces,

when i sing..
i don't sing
when i dance..

go too far takers
verily the sun you came to take
turned to a snow ball
very little snow ball

behind the wall
the no windows wall,
the doorless wall
4 women in hands of wind

o paris................
Y paris................
the patience, eating the happiness

in his country:
things try to cross the borders
but it is borders,
which are..

for seven centuries..
you, middle east,
the old man of sorrow
dreamt of a sky..

the sun by the sun
can no longer see me to end
can no longer see those
looks of pink

words chase me
i escape to paper
paper travels again
to the sun field

walk in the light,
let the light walk in you,
and tell the dark,
to be a pillow,

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come to me, christ..
walking together..
on the rivers of sky..
on the light wings..
of loving angels..
on the compassionate wind..
dancing around hearts warmth..
on the peace, holding the sun..
to give all that beautiful..
and gracious light..
on the colours of those hearts..
willingly chose to be horizons..
and rainbows..
at the very moments..
of their sincere love..
on the sacred light..
that sun and stars..
have never known..
on the sound of swallows..
when they're humble..
passing by..
the scent of saint mary..
mixed with dew, dust..
and olive leaves..
in jerusalem..
come to me, christ..
to bless all humans..
by the heart's power..
by it's infinite belief..
and make them all..
at the very same time..
santa clause..
of wishes..
and love..

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Stefanie Fontker 23 October 2011

My sweet brother, keep on inspiring the world with your gentle heart and love for humanity. We all love you here, and we remember you.

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Stefanie Fontker 15 September 2011

A man worthy of praise. Here, he lays all bare, for the world to view his words in their purest form. He is a poet with words too true.

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Allemagne Roßmann 03 September 2011

Vibrant and pulsating persona with an aura of philosophicality is at most importance i find for Ahmed Khalid and the excellence i hope carries away the mind of readers as me for dimensions into poetry.

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Crimson Love 12 October 2011

Ahmed! Ahmed! Khaled! Khaled! can hear crimson calling? My friend, my brother, the one whom always knows, True passions run though the heart of ahmed, His words flow, with greater force than, rushing rapids, His friendship everlasting, his words more so, His poems unsurpassed, Your crimson sister, Sings of the lion hearted Ahmed!

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Unwritten Soul 15 October 2011

Ahmed Khaled, that's okay...just write anything from your soul and heart as it will naturally craft your mind into precious poetry :) Hope you doing fine and your health getting better...Always have time to write new and poetry is your interest..dont give up on anything..you love your friends and we love you too_Unwritten Soul

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addhunters 18 February 2020

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Ahmed Khaled 23 January 2012

Poemhunter's highly tender_hearted great humanity people: : : : please forgive me alot, being in hard health in this very time, i wish you all health, all wealth and all good wishes, YOU are the dearest family I have ever had and loved................i pray for you to be always good

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Ahmed Khaled 12 January 2012

let HUMANITY be served through POETRY and let POETRY be served through HUMANITY this is what i call it the: : : CREATIVE EQUILIBRIUM PROFESSOR CR.PHILO.AHMED KHALED T+

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Ramesh Rai 12 January 2012

frnd. there is problem in my comment box. u r a grt. poet, nice

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Ahmed Khaled 10 January 2012

++++++THOUGHTS AND SECONDS++++++ ================================== []Man can make thoughts through seconds but can not make seconds through thoughts[] ================================== ++++++PH.D: SC.PH.AHMED KHALED++++++

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