A Visit With Satisfaction Poem by Myra Jefferson

A Visit With Satisfaction

shame how some folks let those three party poopers
keep her from hanging out
much better friend than they are without a doubt
Insecurity, Greed, and Jealousy leave you smelling foul
but she leaves a pleasant scent whenever she's around
sweet, she really is, but some will never know
shows up all the time, waiting to make friends
some folks never, ever, ever let her in
at times I've had to force myself to let her hang with me
even when I didn't feel like her company
but I never regretted it she showed me such a good time
The Funky Three had to leave
wasn't their kind of party anyway
when people reject her, she immediately disappears but
she'll sneak back and just wait for an invitation
knowing that she can't force herself on you,
it has to be your decision
that's just the way she is sweet, quiet, and unassuming

when I was driving down the shoreline
she hopped right in the car with the soreness I felt from the workout
Friday afternoon, and all my work was done, not perfect, but completed
'How nice of you to come', I said inside my head
'How nice of you to have me', she said inside my head
'Thank you' 'No, thank you'
sweet, she reallly is, though some won't let her in
I'm so glad she's my friend
coming all the time with a cool glass of water, a balanced checkbook,
so non-judgmental, she even comes when your ex gets their heart broken

'You know, I would visit everyone, if they'd have me'
'Well, you are kind of plain. Maybe if you'd dress up a little, with a little
more fanfare, announce yourself at the synapses', I told her
'No', she said, 'I am what I am, they either take me or leave me'
'Oh, I see, well, it's still nice of you to be here'
'No, it's nice of you to have me, ' she said with a knowing grin,
'But guess who alwlays comes with me' 'Who? ' I queried
'Appreciation, and he's even quieter than I am', she answered
I turned around and caught him smiling sheepishly in the back seat.

Esther Leclerc 12 June 2006

Myra, a truly satisfying write! I like the ideas here. The line 'announce yourself at the synapses' is genius (if only, huh? !) ... I guess one can only be satisfied when one appreciates life and its gifts. Esther : ]

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Myra Jefferson

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