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Crow Is A Beautiful Bird

I wonder why, we have lot of crows that caw
Instead, why not we had lot of parrots that screatch;
Inplace, we have more to our eyes and add color more.
If that were so, our earth would seem more so green

Empty Pocket

Jewellery and luxury I abhor and undesire,
For it promotes consumption conspicuous and so unfair
Those who show off, I consider bizzare
To garner for them an importance, of air.

A Bird's Eye And Heart View

I am a roamer, hoping from tree to tree,
Morning to evening, with friends, all glea;
Fruits and nuts at our beaktip, no need to plea,
Rivers and lanes all below, no worries, care free.

Lost Love Regained

The beauty of your face, still intact;
The curves and the mounds still attract,
The lips, so thin, urge another contact,
The eyes, emitting rays, for a fresh tract.

A Retitling Session

We marry a girl who is, in no way, our sister
Or a girl marries a boy, in no way, her brother
How come, we call father-in-law and mother-in-law
Or a sister-in law or brother-in-law?

Foot Feels The Foot, Not

Winner takes it all, everywhere it's the same.
Fame and dame, none to tame.
Dollors and euros, a cup more in his name,
Winner takes it all, all around it's the same.

A Longing For Long Blankness

A great feeling is blankness;
It is for this we strive in its fullness,
Blankness is when we reach the pinnacle
Eyes so closed, everything blanked for seconds.

Coffins Of Goodness

Thoughts crowding my heart
Of days lost in a trot;
A long way to go; time too short,
That too, very easy to part.

A Commoner

One more day gone, fast and quick
Living cost up a kite, not tick by tick.
Pocket so thin and list too thick,
Vultures all round, to hook and pocket prick.

The Final Parting

Brood writ on heart, I set upon the route,
Browsing, in the morn, that I knew the stored rude,
Memories flipped fast, of the days to the root,
Unexpected that happend, nothing but brute.

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