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This battle is end.
No more fears.
You are too far away,
can't see any tears.

I am to scared to fall apart.
deeper then I ever thought.
everything can go so wrong.
one step, you dont kvow where you belong.

I need to go.
I need to show.
Everyone who know.
I can do it.

In the mirror I see a naked body.
Covered with scars of the life.
Did not see the ones that hurt the most
Beacause they are to deep inside.

Closer than ever.
Would you feel it forever?
Everything you belive in
break down.

in the mirror
i see a naked body
covered with scars of the life
you did`t see the hurterst one

All that time you were here
you make me belives to all my dreams.
Those night I cry alone with my fear
you had always been there.

You are a stuck in my head.
like you always been there.
tell me things to do and said
I hate that way.

Now had you lived me
I am so scared
I`m trying to scream,
but no one else cares


You are young,
why do you crying all the time?
try to escape.

It was a light
always shine, always smile.
until everything fall apart,
lost in the dark.


Everything comes so fast
I started to see,
what I lived(?) .
Don`t know how I feel,

You may go the wrong way
You may go to the same mistake,
Your eyes did not see,
and nothing else to belive.

The first time I try to bike,
fall and hurt all the time.
Last time I try to fly,
broked my wings and look to the sky.

So weak, too weak.
Lost in the deepest(?) .
Would you find the light?
Find the right hand?

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HI, Iam a Swedish girl and I join this site beacuse I like to write poems and wants to learn english. Help me with my grammar, please =) Please add my mail! Or be my friend at http: // ref=logo Or take a look at my pictures http: // Take Care!)

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This Battle Is End

This battle is end.
No more fears.
You are too far away,
can't see any tears.

This battle is end
You can never hit me again.
I was too afraid,
try to escape.

This battle is end.
You are playing a game.
I try to hide,


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