God In The Box Poem by Nathan Coppedge

God In The Box

Rating: 4.0

The only problem is, we don't know.
Everything else can be determined.
Good things in life = good god.
Bad things = bad god.
It might not be the real god.
Then we can blame the god in the box.

Its a philosophy game to play god in the box
the unseen cause that movens the spheres
the secret answer that no living man knows
if a man has ears let him hear:
its music that issues from god-in-the-box.

Its a dilittante's game to play god in the box
he shows you some colors that move you to paint
a canvas. Brilliant they say, and all you respond
'Its art for art's sake. Talk to god-in-the-box! '

Its a novelist's game to play god in the box
you ask them why, and they reply sotto voce
'A character's game is a novelist's choice'

Its a human game, this god-in-the-box
but you ask any one and he says that he's lost.

But even that answer comes from god-in-the-box!

- April 23-24 2006

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: madness
Notice the incrementally diminishing number of lines in each stanza. It was intentional- -somehow!
Uriah Hamilton 24 April 2014

Making god in our image.

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Nathan Coppedge 24 April 2014

Re: Uriah Hamilton: That sounds like a fashionable thing to say. Are you saying God is an alien?

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Chuy Amante 28 May 2014

Why can't god think outside the box if he got out might be eaten by a fox

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Chris Howie 11 October 2014

Solid stuff, though I can't say I quite get the meaning. It's one of those poems that is pleasing to read, just from how it is written, and sometimes that is enough.

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Akhtar Jawad 10 March 2019

And that box is a human heart, it's not madness, it's a philosophic thought that the poet has painted in an unique color.

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Prabir Gayen 02 January 2019

Fine poem with fine diction........../////

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Adeline Foster 01 July 2016

Good thoughts. Read mine __ If There Be No God __ Adeline

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Godfrey Morris 02 June 2015

May not agree with some things written but a good poem nevertheless

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Nathan Coppedge 12 October 2014

Thanks for your comment, Chris Howie. I like to think it's a good poem, but I've had some critical moments where I thought it was too casual, or I didn't know enough about what I meant by the poem. I think it has a good effect, though.

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