Nebil Elias Poems

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Dark Room

As I enter this room
I hear whispers whenever I move
I kept following the sound
But there is no one around

Dark Was The Only Light

Alone in this dark room, I belong
All I can do is sing a sad song
I'm all broken wish if I died
I don't know how I'm still alive

Behind These Walls

Laying in my bed
Just lost in my head
Staring at these walls
My demons creep and crawl

3 Am

3 AM
Thoughts of countless years
Running and beginning to find an explanation in despair

Drowning In The Night

Depression and anxiety have settled in
I'm in a battle that I can't win
I can feel the pain through my skin
I'm on the edge of something breaking

Echoes Of Silence

Alone in my room hearing voices all around
Echoes from the past that have me curled in the ground
Scratches on the wall and prints from bloody fist
Wanting to obliterate my entire being into a mist


I am a prisoner in my head
Stuck in a tiny, jail-like cell
My heart is hopeless, full of dread
I'm like a hostage being held in hell


Abandoned and in despair
Too fragile to repair

Chained with cuffs and strings of remorse


A hectic day

I wonder if it will continue this way
Where I have to stop myself and doubt it every day

Lost In The Dark

Have you ever felt lost in the dark?
Like your whole world had been ripped apart?
You aimlessly wander around, yearning for the light.
But it's nowhere within your eyes sight.