Gold Star - 31,717 Points [NHIEN NGUYEN MD]


401. In Silence I Pray The Eucharist 12/16/2016
402. TìNh Tôi Như NướC Ôm NgườI Vợ Cưng 9/14/2016
403. We Hide Under Shade Of A Pier 8/13/2016
404. VườN HồNg Kim-Mai NgàY Song ThấT 7/8/2016
405. Wellspan-Philhaven (Haiku) 7/21/2016
406. Vietnamese Traditional Dress (ÁO DàI) - To Kim-Mai 11/18/2016
407. Happy Mothers Day 2017 (Haiku) 5/13/2017
408. Happy Birthday Kim Mai (Haiku) 5/1/2017
409. Many F Words Ruin My Sunday Morn (Senryu) 7/2/2017
410. Swim With The Moon 7/31/2017
411. Unfinished -Translation Poem Of TrầN Dạ Từ: Dang Dở 4/12/2017
412. Ashes On The Headboard 3/15/2015
413. May I Try The Food On Your Plate 3/16/2015
414. May I Have One Half Of Your Plate 3/17/2015
415. Cats Wait To Bask In The Sun 3/18/2015
416. The 50th Cat Poem 3/18/2015
417. Ashes Lies There Wagging Her Tail 3/16/2015
418. Noel Sleeps In Awkward Position 3/16/2015
419. Food Seasoned With Love 3/16/2015
420. NgàY ÐầU MùA Xuân 2015 3/28/2015
421. Noel Tries To Catch His Reflection In A Mirror 3/18/2015
422. Kỷ NiệM BốN Mươi Hai Năm ThàNh Hôn 4/21/2015
423. Em Xinh Em ĐứNg Hai MìNh Xinh Hơn 4/26/2015
424. God Bless Vietnam 5/1/2015
425. Timida (Cat) 4/24/2016
426. Dawn Of First Autumn Day Over Lebanon Valley 4/8/2016
427. Ashes And Noel Showed Their Love And Support 4/18/2016
428. Annville Paradise Being Terrorized By Two Big Dogs 3/20/2016
429. Dogwood Trees With Their New Autumn Clothes 3/7/2016
430. A Spring Day - Translation Poem Of Anh Thơ: NgàY Xuân 4/11/2017
431. Dangerous Road Rage 3/31/2017
432. Waves - Translation Poem Of Xuân QuỳNh: SóNg 3/24/2017
433. Oh! My God Divine 3/25/2017
434. Decima Ice Storm 2/8/2017
435. Sounds Of Autumn - Translated Poem Of Lưu TrọNg Lư: TiếNg Thu 11/20/2016
436. Kim-Mai, These Flowers Sing My Love Song To You 10/12/2016
437. Bittersweet - Translated Poem Of Huy CậN: NgậM NgùI 11/30/2016
438. Your Long Hair Binds Our Loving Hearts Forever, Kim-Mai 12/5/2016
439. Love Shines In Your Eyes Just Like When You Fell In Love 9/21/2016
440. Looking At You, Kim-Mai, I Thought I Met A Fairy At Annville Paradise 9/22/2016

Vietnamese Refugee Boat People Forty Years Later

This poem is dedicated to many thousands of boat people
Who perished by the sea
As soon as I woke up this morning
I felt overwhelmed by memories of long ago past.
Many years of war tore my country apart
Million people left their relatives and their country Vietnam.

After losing the war, many people escaped for their lives
With their possessions in their handbags or knapsacks.
They left everything behind hoping to be alive
They were willing to sacrifice for their future lives.

They left their homes when it rained or ...

Read the full of Vietnamese Refugee Boat People Forty Years Later

The Story Of Ashes

This cat is lovable
But at times, she gets irritable
When her claws being trimmed
Or being held against her wish.

This cat got her best luck,
She almost met her demise.
Someone dropped her here one night
And never returned to pick her up.

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