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A Lullaby Of Spring Garden Sleep To My Dear At Annville Paradise - To Kim Mai

Rating: 2.7

It's a beautiful Saturday Spring morning
Several rainy days have finally ended.
Trees and grass are now cloaked in their dark green
The sun shines its amber rays to celebrate the new dawn.
Nightingales sing their crystal songs
Robins hop around looking for fresh worms on my lawn
Several clusters of cotton clouds float under blue sky
Several cats enjoy soft Spring breeze on my tender grass
Randomly, a bull frog croaks in my Koi pond
Several buzzards glide their spread wings under sunny sky.

While you swing and rest comfortably in a hammock
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: spring,love,romantic sayings
Eva Rissler 01 February 2018

Lovely poem! You speak so lovingly of your dear wife. You are an inspiration to other married couples, mine included! Thank you.

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Nhien Nguyen 01 February 2018

Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for taking your time to comment. Nhien

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Dung Nguyen 23 August 2017

What a beautiful poem! ! ! I am sure it was most wonderful to have a loving wife in your life. Keep taking care of your precious marriage. You write heart touching poems. You are always impressive. Thank you for sharing. Oh! my dear, enjoy your sleep, at my Spring garden These ten thousand rose petals, are my heart! ! ! ......... Very well written, with an amazing message! ! !

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