Nhuan LeXuan Poems

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Under The Purple Flowers

In the purple flowers’ shade
You kissed me the first kiss.
The moon lit its light of jade;
The cicadas sang their song of bliss.

Grant Me A Smile

Unable to see you for just one day
Suffices to lade my heart with sorrow.
I had lived a rubbish life for many years,
Until one day: much grief for the morrow.

My Old Age

I have seen an old woman woebegone to bare:
Her children and their beds have no time to care.
She lived with co-sufferers in the home for the aged;
Gaunt, for relationship pined, about condition raged.

The Right To Vote

I hold my ballot in my shaking hand
And say to myself: this is cause and effect.
The opportunity is so grand
I have spent all my life to expect.

Filial Piety

“Parents’ merits like the sky and the sea always remain,
But children’s repayment is about to boast and complain.”
That is the abounding habit of behavior so bad:
How such feeling is depressed! How such way is sad!

The Six-Year-Old Girl


The six-year-old girl
drifted lonely looking for food.

My Life For My Mom's Laughter

Picking up the handset I was stunned with surprise:
Whose voice as light as falling leaves in cold skies?
Isn't it ten years, ten odd years, dear mother,
Just in silence to miss and long for one another?

My Sister

My sister that New Year was sixteen, a naive civilian:
Her cheeks just began to grow rosy, her lips vermilion;
Her eyes symbolized the azure sky, her heart a green bud;
Her soul was filled with warmth, the spring sun lifeblood.

In The Morning Wind

In the morning wind our date turned into a new scene.
The fishing boat hid behind the canal's reeds as screen,
To reserve only for me to enjoy my whole first love
That was sliding into the carnal desire above.

In Memory Of My Father

Reverently dedicated to my dear Dad’s spirit

Whilst boarding the aircraft to fly towards the ocean
I suddenly pitied my father, tears flowing out of emotion.

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