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Grant Me A Smile

Rating: 4.8

Unable to see you for just one day
Suffices to lade my heart with sorrow.
I had lived a rubbish life for many years,
Until one day: much grief for the morrow.

You came into my existence as a gale
For far-off melancholy to surge.
I had already forgotten my karma;
You had the heart me to fancy you to urge!

Which dreamers don't later wake up?
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Chinedu Dike 25 June 2019

Well expressed thoughts and feelings, very heartfelt with strong emotions. A beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing.

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Howard Savage 15 February 2016

Great poem with passion, keep writing. A smile is worth granting.

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Lare Austin 20 February 2005

Hi Hyuan...this poem is so very delicate...wonderful...you write wonder poetry...And I disagree with Jamie's comment about 'forced rhyming'...your piece flowed smoothly...very nicely done... Lare Austin

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JM Howard 02 December 2004

Some great lines in this one. ('a short moment is enough to love you'....great one) , but I found there was some forced rhyming; it threw off the rhythm a bit.

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