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1. It's Just Another Winter's Storm 7/27/2012
2. Lost Hours Of Sleep 8/15/2012
3. The Phone Rings At 1 A.M. 8/15/2012
4. Acadia 8/15/2012
5. Hope's Wings 8/28/2012
6. No More Than Lust 9/5/2012
7. Flesh Upon Flesh 5/24/2017
8. Screaming In The Wind 8/28/2012
9. Intimacy 7/27/2012
10. The Delicate Chapters Of Life 7/27/2012
11. Imaginary Arms 7/27/2012
12. Let It Go 7/27/2012
13. Do You Ever Think Of Me? 9/5/2012
14. Alcoholic Lover 7/29/2012
15. Doors 7/29/2012
16. I Am 7/27/2012

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Best Poem of Nicole Silvia

I Am

I am the cloud that hovers above
I am the giver and receiver of love
I am the soul who fiends forever
Who cherishes every endeavor

I am intensely burning fire
Far to driven to ever tire
I am delicate like fragile glass
If you are true.. I'll let you pass

I am sharp and strong as steel
I find the hurt and seek to heal
I feel the guilt of others' sin
And still I wish to take them in

I am tender soft within my shell
A thorned rose with a sweet smell
Yet only I can set myself free
For I am all that I choose to be

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It's all I ever wanted
Right at my feet
Right there before me
Finally we meet

Ashamed... I'm afraid of the thing of my desire
Fearful of the very thing I've longed to acquire

At a distance

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