The Sun Of Love Was Ours Poem by Nikhil Parekh

The Sun Of Love Was Ours

The silence was solely hers; inscrutably lingering in her mesmerizing eyes,

The charisma was solely hers; uninhibitedly dribbling from each of her compassionately divine senses,

The vivaciousness was solely hers; as she bounced like a princess in the aisles of unprecedented yearning and tantalizing desire,

The enigma was solely hers; enshrouding each of her intriguingly voluptuous eyelashes; like golden rain pelting down from the skies,

But the chapter of eternal romance was ours; as we bonded our palms together; unflinchingly rising to each blissful occasion of life; with our souls perennially entwined.

The glory was solely hers; as she frolicked like a queen of unparalleled hearts through the seductively shimmering meadows of longing,

The charm was solely hers; embellishing each cranny of her stupendously majestic skin; with magnificently royal enthrallment,

The fragrance was solely hers; as she diffused the irrefutable scent of humanity; on each oligarchic step that she tread,

The intrigue was solely hers; as she blossomed into a gorgeously brilliant pearl of sunshine; even in the heart of the murderously treacherous night,

But the perpetually unconquerable understanding was ours; immortalizing the essence of everlastingly flaming existence.

The smile was solely hers; as she titillated every object in tangible and intangible vicinity; with the tinkling melody in her vibrantly harmonious throat,

The innovation was solely hers; as she evolved a fabulously fantastic web of mysterious clairvoyance; with the profuse bewilderment in the whites of her
impeccable eyes,

The beauty was solely hers; when she gyrated like an ultimate seductress under the marvelously innocuous moonlight; as the enamoring majesty of the night took
complete control,

The fire was solely hers; as the untamed passion in her tumultuously vibrant breath; instilled new life in the most stinkingly dead,

But the mountain of invincibly unshaken belonging was ours; as we trespassed intrepidly past; cataclysmically hideous storms and enlightenment; alike.

The honesty was solely hers; as she massacred even the most miserly trace of evil; with the emphatically candid solidarity in her delectable conscience,

The tranquillity was solely hers; as she pacified the most traumatically agonized of my nerves; with the Omnipotent melody in her integrally rhapsodic sound,

The grace was solely hers; as every contour of her heavenly visage; resonated with the immaculately perfect scent of life,

The empathy was solely hers; as she diffused an unsurpassably indefatigable ocean of compassion; embracing all those devastatingly deprived; in the religion of ubiquitous humanity,

But the immortal Sun of love was ours; as we bonded insatiably together for infinite more births to come; proliferating countless of our very own kind.

Mckenzee Elaine 05 April 2017

This is a very beautiful poem. I've read it at least ten times now. Nice work.

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Gajanan Mishra 29 February 2016

eternal romance - ours, good one..

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Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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