Nikita Dutt Poems

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Death Is Not The End Of Life

Death is not the end of life,
See a caterpillar he first learns how to crawl,
And then when he learns it perfectly he dies,
But only to fly,

When Someone Leaves

No one dies when someone leaves his world,
It's just the pain of the wound,
Which can't be healed,
It's the pain,

Imprisonment Of My Thoughts

I think of freedom in my thoughts,
But these thoughts never want me to be free.
They want me to obey them forever,
They want me to seek consultant from them


They convicted me with allegations that I think and worry so much,
Who is going to inform them that this is what make a person who he is,
His thinking is his personality,
His thinking is what people he is around,

What If

What if it’s my last day?
What if it’s my last night?
What if there will be no more sunrises?
No more morning wishes to family and friends.

All What You Made

How do I comprehend you.
How do I demystify you.
You are verily a solitude a poet wants.
A betrayal a philosopher can't deny.

Describing Him

Describing him is not work of words.
It is a lot more then that.
No word can fill in to make a sentence, which can comprehend him.
His beauty is one, which lasted within me for ages and will last for lives to come.

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