All What You Made Poem by Nikita Dutt

All What You Made

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How do I comprehend you.
How do I demystify you.
You are verily a solitude a poet wants.
A betrayal a philosopher can't deny.
A song which singsong bird sing.
Your body is like sun bright, shinning, and reflecting on each shinning surface.
Your soul is like the moon. Oh so white in this dark night.

How can I neglect these spots on this moon which personify your soul.
Hitherto, I thought that you are an illusion, that you are a paragon which in reality has no existence.

But now, I see you bright like sun, white like moon.
How can I demystify you while I myself am a part of this mystery.
I no longer have this individuality as I'm you and you are me.
I'm a poet poetic about the solitude you provided.
I'm a philosopher philosophical about the denials you made.
I'm the singsong bird who sings your praise.

I'm nothing but all what you made.

Chandini Jaswal 17 March 2014

Wonderful didi! Keep up the good work!

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Aditya Mudbhary 26 February 2014

A nice write and nice poetiec philosophy attached to it. I like it.: D Keep writing.

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Shraddha The Poetess 25 February 2014

a wonderful poem...........very nicely expressed................

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