Death Is Not The End Of Life Poem by Nikita Dutt

Death Is Not The End Of Life

Rating: 4.8

Death is not the end of life,
See a caterpillar he first learns how to crawl,
And then when he learns it perfectly he dies,
But only to fly,
To feel the freedom he thought he’d never find.
He forgets about the difficulties he went through in his earlier life,
And as a butterfly he feels more alive in this newfound life

Poet's Fan 31 July 2013

nice thought, , , a life after a death, , ,

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Heather Wilkins 06 August 2013

death is not the end of life, but just the beginning. lovely write Nikita

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Saadat Tahir 18 August 2013

The poet’s evident ache and anguish finds expression in short meaningful verses… Personal losses are so excruciating and agonizing….. it’s a tribute to ones spirit to convert it to verse and then one with an overt message of hope Very nice liked

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Aswath Raman 24 August 2013

A well crafted poem Ma'am! I wrote a poem named Reborn on the same theme some time back, but had it deleted at an insane moment.! I suggest humbly to revise the last two lines? especially both are ending with 'life'. Please do write more!

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Nikita Dutt 06 August 2013

Thank You ma'am for reading it.!

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Unnikrishnan E S 28 June 2016

Hi Nikita, This is the first time I have come across your poetry. Very Nice, erudite and effusing lot of positive energy. well done. Write more and share.

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Shraddha The Poetess 01 March 2014

wow diiiii.........its an e.g. of a different thinking... thinking about life after death........... with a beautiful imagination.............well done.........diiiiiiiiii

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Utsav Patel 05 September 2013

Deep indeed... Well written...

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Chandini Jaswal 27 August 2013

Crisp and short! Very lovely indeed!

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Kavya . 26 August 2013

nice positive thought

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