When Someone Leaves Poem by Nikita Dutt

When Someone Leaves

Rating: 5.0

No one dies when someone leaves his world,
It's just the pain of the wound,
Which can't be healed,
It's the pain,
Which is just like death before death.

Geetha Jayakumar 30 July 2013

Short and sweet poem... Good write.

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Heather Wilkins 30 July 2013

short and full of emotion the pain of death is hard to bear.

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Nikita Dutt 31 July 2013

I really appreciate you all for reading it.. our own death leads us to peace but that of someone dear kills us and we have to live with it.. thankyou all..! !

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Lucifera Santez 05 August 2013

death, an elusive mist that leaves a hollow shard of truth in its wake. a very good write. please read some of mine.

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Nikita Dutt 03 August 2013

Thankyou very much..! ! glad you liked it and can relate to it.

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Shraddha The Poetess 01 March 2014

short poem with limmited words................but with the most painful emotion one vcan ever face, ...... a very deep thought and emotional bond......... 10 on 10 di............

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Musafir .. 24 August 2013

hmmm this is short and impactful work, , , , when someone goes away, , , he/she carry all ur happiness which u shared with him/her, , true///

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Aswath Raman 22 August 2013

This is a strong write ma'am! When you see death before death in the form of pain over loss, death itself disgusts!

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Saadat Tahir 18 August 2013

short but steeped in torment of loss and privation attendant with it .............just like death before death. powerful metaphor liked

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Anil Kumar Panda 11 August 2013

very true.liked it.short and to the point.

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