Imprisonment Of My Thoughts Poem by Nikita Dutt

Imprisonment Of My Thoughts

I think of freedom in my thoughts,
But these thoughts never want me to be free.
They want me to obey them forever,
They want me to seek consultant from them
Whenever I want to be free.
It’s just like trying to escape a prison,
After telling the jailor all about your plans
So let it be
Tell your thoughts that you love staying in their imprisonment
And then you will eventually be Free.

Aswath Raman 22 August 2013

Wow! An amazing analogy you have written ma'am! Its a paradox, yet a sweet paradox! But the thoughts collectively makes you, you!

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Shraddha The Poetess 01 March 2014

veryyyyyyyy nice... its a fact that thoughts actually can't leave u.... so a good write diiii.........

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Sekharan Pookkat 04 January 2014

free thoughts- any shortcuts! it is a paradox

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Chandini Jaswal 08 December 2013

A Fanta-bulous! poem ;)

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Anil Kumar Panda 28 August 2013

thoughts can never leave you and you cant get freed from thoughts ever.nice write.

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Vishal Sharma 24 August 2013

sweet and crisp poem its my honour to invite you to read my poems and comment i am waiting

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