Nirmalendu Goon Poems

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There is a big crowd at the Police Station.
Suspicious soldiers in the city are taking away all firearms.
Frightened citizens, in accordance with military
directives, are depositing their shotguns,

Maybe I'M No Human

Maybe I’m no human, humans are different;
They can walk, they can sit, and they can wander room to room
They are different; they are afraid of death, scared of snakes.
Maybe I’m no human. Then how can snakes raise no fear within me?

Because A Poem Will Be Written

'Cause a poem will be written, with eager excitement
Lacks and lacks of excited anxious eager rebelious audiences are waiting
Till dawn on the beach of the park that turned into an ocean of crowd-
'When is the poet arriving?' 'When is the poet arriving?

What Sin Would Redeem Me

I have never tasted the fruit
of the forbidden tree,
I have been waiting. waiting.
like the sea that waits for the river

You Are Leaving

You are leaving: the steamboat starts off undulating the river
Amidst the clamour of engine
From behind the cloud of smokes
Beauty of your weary face gleams

This Day I Haven'T Come To Shed Bloo

Like all of you present here I love roses a lot
While crossing the Race Course field yesterday
One of the roses blooming there
Said to me; "Make your verse sing of Sheikh Mujib"

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