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Summer comes
in a blaze of heat
with sunny smiles
and dusty feet

Fill in the blanks please
Color me in
And complete me

One day love died
And I didn’t notice

I found his body

feeling strange
feeling lost
wasting time
what's the cost

When a soft breeze
blows gently across my skin
I think of you
and remember

Help me get through this
And get me on the other side
Where the grass really is green

I’ve been looking for you
I wanted you to find me
And rescue me
Take me over the rainbow

I hate you, you thieving rat
You stole my heart with your lies
But I hate me even more for believing them

Chewing on pink curly straws
Steeped in glass green bottles full of fantasies
Wishing on tiny suns
That I could wear galoshes and splash in puddles

Pieces of me
Fragments of time
Snapshots of smiles
Eyes open eyes closed

Did i love thee?
or didst i lie
to myself
to you and i?

Friend, lover
and the funny guy
who can always
make me laugh

Broken promises
Full of empty words
Unkept vows
That cut like swords

Right now i hate you
For making me seem powerless
And then laughing at my feebleness
I have words and I use them

And so it is…
Just when I think I am strong enough
To let you go without hurting myself
Soon after I am done being mad at you

Full of it
That’s what he was.

Full of it

Thinking of you
Remembering hugs and kisses
And secret moments

It is over finally
That long season of summery spring is gone somewhere
Lost in the wind
Drifting like a ghost through the leaves

There goes the little girl
Holding her head high
Under the weight of shame that you spew from your eyes
Give her two days and she’ll be crawling

Beware the manipulative tongue
It will spew a sweet poison to paralyze your instincts

Turn Away from eyes that cry too easily

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Indian Seasons

Summer comes
in a blaze of heat
with sunny smiles
and dusty feet

Then seasons change
to muddy roads
monsoons and mangoes
leapfrogs and toads

Spring is pretty
but short and sweet
when you can smell the grass
from your garden seat

Autumn is English
in red, yellow and brown
Autumn is Indian
whenever leaves fall down

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I m very excited to knw d biography of nisha dyrene

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The Healer 28 February 2010

ur definately the only poet who's poems i'd ever read :)

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Halitha 29 January 2022

Need biography of Nisha Dyrene

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Indian seasons

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Ugly stupid 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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Indian seasons

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nisha dyrene Popularity

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