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Qabbani was revered by generations of Arabs for his sensual and romantic verse. His work was featured not only in his two dozen volumes of poetry and in regular contributions to the Arabic-language newspaper Al Hayat, but in lyrics sung by Lebanese and Syrian vocalists who helped popularize his work.

Through a lifetime of writing, Qabbani made ...

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Fabrizio Frosini 27 December 2015

O Sultan, my master, if my clothes are ripped and torn it is because your dogs with claws are allowed to tear me (Nizar Qabbani)

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isam Abdelrahman 31 August 2012

It was the Egyptian Abdulhaleem Hafiz the most popular singer in the Arab countries that time who popularized Nizar lyrics

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Faisal 19 March 2019

i already know arabic

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Nizar 27 October 2018


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karim 24 April 2018

can any one help me to do my research paper about the emotional language and terms of Nizar Qabbani in english

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Bassam Sroujy 05 February 2018

NizarQabbani is one of thebest poets in world

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Ahmed77 07 December 2017

Translate a poem I hate to poetry Nizar Qabbani

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The Best Poem Of Nizar Qabbani

In The Summer

In the summer
I stretch out on the shore
And think of you
Had I told the sea
What I felt for you,
It would have left its shores,
Its shells,
Its fish,
And followed me.

Translated by B. Frangieh And C. Brown

Submitted by Noele Aabye

Nizar Qabbani Popularity

Nizar Qabbani Popularity

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