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The sharp blade of her mind
Slips through the fabric of her life.
Shredded memories overlapped,
Overlaid and woven into

The wind of humanity washes over me
Tugging at my clothes
sucking the breath from my lungs.

I am a dish
Best served re-heated
And enjoyed
tongue-in cheek.


If I had words like Shakespeare,
To reveal my heart for all of time
Tearing love Immortalised,
Distilled to fourteen lines of rhyme...

Stepping out of time, it seemed,
The scene I saw was one I dreamed,
Or else some sacred, hidden key
Released a treasured memory.

I walked abandoned
Lonely fields
Millennia of toil.
Wind-blown shell sand

I miss you when I awake in the small hours of the
Morning, aching so deep I cannot sleep.
It is you I crave – only with you beside me can there be peace.

Don't give up on her -
She's only sleeping.
Just believe in her -
She will awaken.

You were my mid-winter sunrise.
You shone through the dark caverns of
My blinkered eyes. Your gentle light
Renewed the cycle of my life.


As the swans of winter land on mirrored boughs,
Patting the perfect sheen with wrinkled feet
I will watch from the far shore,
Scarlet leaves churned feather-white.

I lifted the bag
I thought held all
I needed
But as I turned,

I wonder if you know
How high you’ve lifted me
How far there is to fall,
If you should let me go.

Protective father, loving mate,
Ugly ducklings in your wake,
Patiently you stand and wait.
Then with a gentle stretch you break

The part of me
That was you
Is gone.
I can no longer

Green lives long,
'Til Autumn's Alchemy
Spins a thousand shades of gold
As days grow short


I really need some sugar,
And it has to come from you
I really need some sugar,
And only yours will do


Do you want to hear it?
That I am smitten,
No, hopelessly
In love with you.

The boy and the dog
Stand in stillness on the waiting road.
Night’s embrace cloaks them in darkness
no less than invisibility.

He sees the greens,
The greys, the browns,
Of island life
transformed to black


Something good
About sweet thoughts
Sent through a silent night.
Each one, your voice

Nomad Omnia Biography

I've lost or forgotten many poems created on the spur of the moment. Now Poemhunter is the drawer into which I'll throw my scribblings. Have a rummage - if you find something you like, take it with you. If you do - just leave a word or two. But copyright is mine; -))

The Best Poem Of Nomad Omnia


The sharp blade of her mind
Slips through the fabric of her life.
Shredded memories overlapped,
Overlaid and woven into
The story of her time.
No cloak or blanket this,
No tapestry of frozen past,
But a silken thing.
A net expertly cast.

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Jacqui Thewless 13 October 2009

October,2009. Unless I am mistaken, this poet can only get better! - not something one can always say. The vital ingredients are there: modesty, honesty, observation - and the desire to work at it (if, as yet, sadly, not the time) .

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