Obiaeli Ifediirichukwu Victor Poems

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You Were Never Alone

In times of travail I was there
In times of depression I stood by you
In times of mock and scorn I shielded you
In times of bitterness I sorrowed with you

Knowing You

Just yesterday...
Though like a whole week to me
Knowing you motivated me
Just like water gives life to a fish

As I Close My Eyes

As I close my eyes to sleep
In deep worry I live a life in the day
Day in, day out I make a pledge that will stay
Stay till I meet my creator

The Beauty In Art

All Is Well

Love Me

You call me, text me, chat me and we get along
You start taking it personal, and I love it
But then I told you I'm dating and you gave a slack...I thought you'd love me as you promised
Because you add to my happiness

To The One I Fell For

Sweet romance of the evening breeze kissing my face
Amidst the wonders of the dusk wind
Appear a wild rose I cleave to have
Seeing her under the rain made colours of the rainbow all one

Betrayed Trust

Like raindrops from the sky
So are you
Leaving me to hold to my lost self
Liking you to a wheel speeding on earth

My Second Apology

Still I fall...
Having a reason to repent from myself
Not again did I
Thought I'd wished the moon for you

Immortalising You On Your Birthday

Foetus were you till the successful break, out of the walls of dark and blood
This day 11th September went auspicious when you were given to ten fingers
Though I'd never existed then but fate brought my existence your path till today
Today I remember how we met, our caught up glances turning smiley gaze

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