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Parented by Revd & Mrs Thompson Obiaeli. Born on the 14th day of March 2000.
A native out Ibughubu Umuchu in Aguata L.G.A of Anambra state.
Acquired primary education at Benneth Etiaba Memorial Nursery and Primary school Umudim Nnewi (2011) . A pioneer student of Master's Vessel Seminary Osumenyi (2017) .
Presently a student of University of Nig ...

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16 September 2018

In life, one leaves to die...all that matters is legacy left.

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cheebikes 03 June 2018

wowww.....nice stuff you got there keep it up........

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Victory Innocent 20 August 2020

Keep on keeping my oga

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Enendu Mmesoma 16 November 2018

Ride on Darling??????..more inspiration to u????

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mefor Chikosoro 03 October 2018

Add a comment.good work bro

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Victor 21 July 2018

Well done Victor.

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cheebikes 03 June 2018

wowww.....nice stuff you got there keep it up........

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The Best Poem Of Obiaeli Ifediirichukwu Victor

You Were Never Alone

In times of travail I was there
In times of depression I stood by you
In times of mock and scorn I shielded you
In times of bitterness I sorrowed with you
In times of trial, just like the support of an eagle's wings I gave you hope
in times of want I ran to your aid
But now...
In my time of need excuses rain on me
In my time of sorrow your laughter made me agape
In my time of trial your distance leave me no choice
In my time of depression your mock make hail fall on me
In times of joy you run to me
In times of success I celebrate with you
In times of wealth I sought after you
In times of prosperity my luck I gave you
With my luck came you out lucky
And turned me into a street enemy
With my love came you out loved
And turned back at me
With my sweat came you out successful
And turned deaf ears on my plea
With my all came you out made
And left me wretched
But in all...
One day I will bounce back
On a day, a line of smile shall I know
One very day, my greatness shall flood the lands
And my love cover the seas
And when you run to me
A smile will I give you in love
A hundred hugs will I shower on you
A thousand help will I still render you
But it will dawn on you in the later
In your later life when you are back on
When you are again successful
When you are again made
Made by my love
Showered by my care
You will remember
That you were never alone
but left me all alone
You shall look for me
But see me not
Cry for me
But will I not hear
Care for me
But not a feel do I get
Because I have left for the one who loves me
The one who will not leave me alone
The one who would kiss me goodnight
Down the walls of immortality
You were never alone
But you left me lonely

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Obiaeli Ifediirichukwu Victor Popularity

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