Tell The Unborn Generation Poem by Anthony Onoja

Tell The Unborn Generation

Emma, remember the Land where we came from
The City where men hit their chest with pride
See, they have no love for Him who made us
Who called the heavens and all its might
Who hold the breath of all his creatures
He sit among the cherubs
Anchor the chariots of heavens
He came and fought for the lost sons of men

Men live by self and die to self
What a day of agony when we finally forget Him
When we knelt before His mighty throne
The ages when sin bond us hand and foot
The time we had and lost it all to lust
Forever doom to the ninth circles of Limbo
Looking like the tattered creatures
blazing in furnace of forever lost

They forced us to bow
They mocked us when we sing
Yell at us a thousand times
Trouble are within the departed souls
Looking at the well of souls
The vanity in mortal journey
Lets not forget to tell
The unborn princess and princes
That Hell is real
Hope is for the living
Death is a monster
That ate all our ancestors

Denial lead to self perish
Without His knowledge we lost
Lets hold hands
As we sing the Ancient songs..

Sunday, May 28, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: vanity,advice
The vanity of a mortal life and the reality that lies beyond
Rajnish Manga 28 May 2017

Very sensible. Though, the realities narrated in this poem are to be communicated to the next generation, it is equally applicable to the existing generations. Thanks. tell.... The unborn princess and princes That Hell is real.... Hope is for the living Death is a monster.... That ate all our ancestors

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Edward Kofi Louis 28 May 2017

Death is a monster! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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