Panagiota Romios Poems

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Shall I Ever Be Free

Alas, my child you shan't!
Get used to a world of can't!
Our brains are fully scrubbed
Like kids in a foaming bath.

January 29- Mywedding Anniversary

đź’“ đź’Ź đź’“

We married, on your birthday!
In San Francisco City Hall.

If You Live To Get Old

If You Live to Get Old

Dedicated to my Father, of
Blessed Memory!

Nothing Too Complicated

I admire so, poets with imagery.
And fascinating allegories.
But me? I'm still a starter.
Far from being a departer.

Love You Always

Love You Always!
In summertime, our love is enduring like gadenias floating in the breeze.
In wintertime, our love is warm — it tingles from lips to toes.
If skies are blue, our love is joy — two people touching in the sun.

Bedtime Musings

What if I never awake?
My solace is in eternity to partake.

To exist in a realm of God, not of men.

The Rhythm Of Friends

The Rhythm of  Friends

Are there beside you when you fall
or shed a tear.

No Blues At Bedtime

No Blues at Bedtime

Your rough tongue cleansing 
my finger.


Writing poetry is my biggest joy.
It begins when the sun rises in the sky.
My heart has a poetic beat.
I can feel it as I walk down the street.

Is This A Friend, I Ask You

"Oh, you are dying? I really could care less!
I have a garden to attend to,  for folks to impress.
I live in a state of eternal busy-ness.
No heart of mine, shall I share.

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