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Alas, my child you shan't!
Get used to a world of can't!
Our brains are fully scrubbed
Like kids in a foaming bath.

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We married, on your birthday!
In San Francisco City Hall.

If You Live to Get Old

Dedicated to my Father, of
Blessed Memory!

I admire so, poets with imagery.
And fascinating allegories.
But me? I'm still a starter.
Far from being a departer.

Love You Always!
In summertime, our love is enduring like gadenias floating in the breeze.
In wintertime, our love is warm — it tingles from lips to toes.
If skies are blue, our love is joy — two people touching in the sun.

What if I never awake?
My solace is in eternity to partake.

To exist in a realm of God, not of men.

The Rhythm of  Friends

Are there beside you when you fall
or shed a tear.

No Blues at Bedtime

Your rough tongue cleansing 
my finger.


Writing poetry is my biggest joy.
It begins when the sun rises in the sky.
My heart has a poetic beat.
I can feel it as I walk down the street.

"Oh, you are dying? I really could care less!
I have a garden to attend to,  for folks to impress.
I live in a state of eternal busy-ness.
No heart of mine, shall I share.

When the sun goes down
we shiver, it's cold!
Stop complaining, you look so old!
Inside, don a warm sweater.

My home is surrounded by emerald pathways,
California autumn is that way.

Today is as warm as a cinnamon bun!

There is nobody like you in my universe.
My body is your body, meshing in our sparkling celestial mortality.

Nothing satisfies me like the thought of you or being with you

Floated, blissfully alone in a moonlit, silvery repast.

Scenting the night with her heady
fragrance of romance

Most poets are warm sunlight brightening my soul, this chilly
winter, January night!
You literally make my world one of startling light!

Be a fearless poet! !
Slide down the cool, rushing waterfall of
your own words.

Great people have one desirable quality~ humility.
You won't find them looking
to be 'top dog'.
They are already accomplished,

In her car, the woman in melancholy sat.
Rain falling, tears falling, splat!

She thought of those many days before.

        Dazzle Me

Just  stand there, be you!
Sparkling Star Eyes, I am yours.

Panagiota Romios Biography

I have been a student nurse and later, became a teacher. My interests are in other cultures, life, freedom of speech and thought.Right, Left and otherwise. My major was philosophy, with a minor in science, I love the performing arts, mainly improvisation and doing stand up comedy, that was years ago. I was born in Chicago, but now live in CA. My FAV poets are eecummings, Whitman and Gibran+ Neruda. Poetry is my passion. I like Jazz, especially Latin Jazz, I love being retired...lots of freedom. I have a beautiful calico cat, my peaceful and loving companion. Plus a gorgeous daughter and grandson. I am grateful each time I see the sunrise, as I love the Creator. I enjoy Poem Hunter but have trouble finding comments, as I need an updated iPad. Love, Panagiota)

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Shall I Ever Be Free

Alas, my child you shan't!
Get used to a world of can't!
Our brains are fully scrubbed
Like kids in a foaming bath.
Rub-y-dee, rub-y dee dub.

We've been brain-spanked to
not ask any questions.
We don't dare question numbers!
Oh, no shush no!
Just be sure to have a brain
that totally slumbers.

The longer we hide, the bigger the number that will die!
And the world left to benevolent, quite evil, power mad dictators!
Whilst you are so grateful, being lonely, eating humble pie and 'taters!

Each day Big Brother on TV you do watch!
Hoping like prisoners to be let out?
No, you won't be, unless you are in a state run by sanity.
Very few, supporting our

The flu has been with is for over one hundred years.
We all survived, drank beer and shouted " Cheers! "
We now have become as trembling mice.
Follow orders and never think..thrice.

*Many poets here are aware of the spurious goings on.
To them, I lift a glass. Thank you for your sunshine!

May 1,2020
2: 30pm PST

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Myself Panagiota 21 July 2021

Cannot log in for months. Love and miss you. Panagiota

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Panagiota 21 July 2021

I have not been able to log in for 6 months, thus I ha e

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Panagiota 21 July 2021

Friends ds

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Julia Luber 10 August 2019

Panagiota has come to PoemHunter with insightful wit, charming poems, and uplifting candid comments. A burst of color amidst a lot of colors and rainbows and astral lights on PoemHunter. Will definitely be an added star to our starry sky! Twinkling delightfully.

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" it is easier to ride a horse, in the direction it is going! "

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