Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair Poems

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A Homage

I open my window to let in the morning light and the cool fresh air
Though in the midst of a legion of works assigned for the day
The girl servant next door fills my heart with her innocent smile
Like a pure dew drop glares from the grass-top in the dawn

My Mom

I was a part of your body for two hundred and eighty days
A full time parasite sucking away all your blood.
Causing numerous ailments, tension, stress and strain
Despite all these you didn't feel a bit of hatred for me mom?

The Bull

Every day I saw him tied to the mango tree
Like man is held fast to life with the cord of endless ambition
I saw in those dying dusks affection glittering in his gazing eyes

In Search Of A Goddess

Every dawn is dear to me.
It's then that I see her blushes
reflected in the eastern sky.
While I wander here in her search

Child And Mother

"Loss of mother is death of the child"
No compensation can make up the loss

All privileges of childhood are denied to him

The Tailor

Watching the children walking along the road to and fro their schools
My heart leaps high wishing to join their merry-making, cheerful funs
Realising I am not made of flesh and blood my poor heart retreats in dismay
Here on the veranda of this textile shop I have been in deep penance for long

Water, Water.....

They say pointing out to evidences
Planet Mars was once rich
With abundant water sources
Who knows the earth,

The Great

'Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu'
(Lét the whole world be happy)
One who keeps such wish in mind
One who keeps no discrimination

Love Has No Death

While we shared on the beach moments
Facing the setting sun and the glooming waves
I noticed, amidst the last glow of the setting sun,
Dreams gleaming in your deep blue eyes.

The Ferryman And The Echo

He busy ferries people from dawn to dusk across the dreadful river
Holding fast in his tender hands the rough hard rows in such early age
To feed a dozen hungry stomachs left behind by his bereaved father.
Putting aside his school bag and leaving the much loved playmates

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