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I open my window to let in the morning light and the cool fresh air
Though in the midst of a legion of works assigned for the day
The girl servant next door fills my heart with her innocent smile
Like a pure dew drop glares from the grass-top in the dawn

I was a part of your body for two hundred and eighty days
A full time parasite sucking away all your blood.
Causing numerous ailments, tension, stress and strain
Despite all these you didn't feel a bit of hatred for me mom?

Every day I saw him tied to the mango tree
Like man is held fast to life with the cord of endless ambition
I saw in those dying dusks affection glittering in his gazing eyes

"Loss of mother is death of the child"
No compensation can make up the loss

All privileges of childhood are denied to him

Every dawn is dear to me.
It's then that I see her blushes
reflected in the eastern sky.
While I wander here in her search

Watching the children walking along the road to and fro their schools
My heart leaps high wishing to join their merry-making, cheerful funs
Realising I am not made of flesh and blood my poor heart retreats in dismay
Here on the veranda of this textile shop I have been in deep penance for long

They say pointing out to evidences
Planet Mars was once rich
With abundant water sources
Who knows the earth,

'Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu'
(Lét the whole world be happy)
One who keeps such wish in mind
One who keeps no discrimination

While we shared on the beach moments
Facing the setting sun and the glooming waves
I noticed, amidst the last glow of the setting sun,
Dreams gleaming in your deep blue eyes.

He busy ferries people from dawn to dusk across the dreadful river
Holding fast in his tender hands the rough hard rows in such early age
To feed a dozen hungry stomachs left behind by his bereaved father.
Putting aside his school bag and leaving the much loved playmates


Many a rainbow appears
and disappears in the sky
Flowers abundant bloom
and wither in the garden

PoemBy DPN

How long have I been waiting for you here on this threshold

Millions are starving
And we celebrate new year
Gorging and swilling

Every day at the end of my prayers
I make a bowl of my palms and hold it before thee
For a splendid gift without being asked
Your Godly jest surpasses my wit

When you stay beside
It's spring all around;
My mind flies up
Like a cuckoo in search

As you distance yourself from truth
You create a rift between you and God
You have to hide your face behind masks
To save the false impression you spread,

Birth launches the journey to death.
Make precious the moments in between
Like a lapidary enriches gemstones

Hear the knocks at your door
It's the new year with gifts so rare
Relinquish apprehensions and greet.

This emerald grass in the valley
stays in silent prayers all nights
With extended begging hands
For love eternal and immaculate

Throw not stones to calm pools
Raising ripples that never still.
The stones sink down the bosom
Choking and undulating the depths

Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair Biography

A student of Kerala University Colleges attended: - St. Thoas College Kozhencherry NSS College Shertallay University College Thiruvananthapuram Retired Central Government Officer Interested in literary works. Published a poetry Book titled RUDRAKSHA Written a few short stories, poems and a novel Interested in humanist activities Inclined to spiritual life)

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A Homage

I open my window to let in the morning light and the cool fresh air
Though in the midst of a legion of works assigned for the day
The girl servant next door fills my heart with her innocent smile
Like a pure dew drop glares from the grass-top in the dawn
No child labour prohibition ever peeps into her pains and miseries
No humanists rise in revolt to protect her from cruel exploitation

She can be the foetus that grew up surviving all efforts of abortion
She may be the female baby abandoned to avoid a culpable burden
Why can't she be the lost child of parents who regret carelessness?
Whatever be the prelude, the merciless ill-treat is inhuman indeed
She works hard from dawn to midnight yet the mistress is displeased
Scolding, beating, blowing, pushing and pulling aren't new to her

This morning I terribly missed her and I was shocked to learn
She is not alive to cast a charming innocent smile at me ever again!
It was a murder, a brutal sexual assault so cruel and inhuman

Let these drops of tears be my homage to thee, dear child

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 26 April 2020

I could not complete the tribute yesterday, as i was not able to type on this page, due to some error. Well, to continue here: Dear Poet Parameswaran Nair, here's wishing you many more years of writing and success in all your endeavours. Like the classic 'Rudraksha" poems, may your life be filled with the fragrance of spirituality. Best Wishes

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Devi Krishnakumar 16 November 2018

The poet chooses topics which are rarely handled or unhandled by others and is often sarcastic.

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Prathibha Dp 29 September 2018


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Thank you Sumod. I really admire your interest in poetry

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 25 April 2020

Parameswaran Nair is a kind and noble Poet. Coming from the same state of Kerala like me in India, i am able to smell the fragrance of our native soil in his poems. I have enjoyed reading his poems for the sheer beauty of words and metaphors and identify with the content of his poems which are spiritual and philosophical.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 25 December 2021

Dear Parameswaran Nair, It is always a pleasure to read your poems. May God bless you to write more and more beautiful poems to the delight of all. Wishing you a great year of good health and happiness. with warm regards.

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Dr. Antony Theodore 01 May 2021

riends thin a lot. i liuked your poem, the presenation and the theme. thank u dear Poet. God bless you always. tony

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Dr. Antony Theodore 01 May 2021

My dear Parameswaran Nair,

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Dr. Antony Theodore 01 May 2021

my dear poet Parameswaran Nair,

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Premakumari 06 March 2021

Sir, your Poem is Really nice creative poem. I am giving you 5 STAR

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Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair Quotes

Begone days were sweet, Beggining days be sweeter

The greatness of a man is not decided by what he earns but by what he gives

The greatness of great people will be great when they recognize the greatness of the people who are not great

Distance between two is short in good relation, Farthest in strained relation

Wind goes where there is a depression

Intimacy bars no privacy Privacy bars no intimacy

A lamp without oil cannot burn to give out light

A poor man's bowl is always empty because poverty is a subject for debate and discussions only

The wise, though hungry, will not overeat damaging stomach

Only a hard climb can take you atop the hill

Your palms can protect the flame of your burning lamp From the breeze, but not from the whirlwind

Life is beautiful if you make it so

No fish will walk out of the water to gasp

A miser never turns in at the hour of need, but at last with lame excuses

To a greedy miser relationship has no bar

To be between the scorching sun and the blistering sand

Prayers may not change the situation But can change our attitude And give us hope that can change our life

No candle loses it's light while lighting another candle

He who avoids to pluck and pain the flowers is dearer to God than He who offers them to Him

Humbleness of the greedy is the poison for cheating

Jasmine smells the same everywhere

The deaf makes out stories different from what comes out from other's lips

Lust leads to loss, Loss leads to learn

It's a coward who seeks shelter under lame excuses

Regrets won't help you regain the unutilised opportunities

Too many legs spoil the race

Do not throw stones into the calm pond Your image will be lost rippled and crippled

Splinters of broken promise cause a broken heart

Value of anything in plenty is realised only in it's scarcity

All tears tastes no salt

Love is not a small bait for hooking big catch

Shower on your love and let me quench my thirst like a hornbill

Love bubbles in the stream of life And bursts in the flow of time

Democracy is not entangling people inside the citadel of party policies and exploiting their manpower and mismoulding their intellect by enforcing hate through lies and discrimination

Every flower is a foot print of beauty

To love and to be loved is our right You and me are created for the sake

Every adversity is a prelude to possibility

Success is his friend who dislike failure

Learn to act to be a success

Time decides the value of our deeds

Seeds of bitter gourd will give seedlings of bitter gourd only

Desire is the fire that burns down the thorns along the path to success

Know the shadow and keep the sun behind

If you can't forget, don't remember If you can't remember, don't forget

Forgetfulness is the grave where you bury your pains

Education is not the exercise of memorising the lessons, but a process of adopting morals, virtues, philosophy and ethics according as a cultured society demands

Anything we love seems beautiful to us

Anything we love seems beautiful to us

Counting both on a miser for charity and on a frail woman for chastity are alike

No sea vessel can cut through the waves without pitching and rolling,

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Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair Popularity

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