In Search Of A Goddess Poem by Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair

In Search Of A Goddess

Rating: 4.9

Every dawn is dear to me.
It's then that I see her blushes
reflected in the eastern sky.
While I wander here in her search
she's playing hide and seek
teasing me in painful tiffs.
I am lost.
Tell me breeze, tell me bees
have you met her on your way?
She's beauty embodied
She's the lamp of truth
She's the Goddess I seek.
They smile and mumble,
"We have seen that most beautiful lass.
She hides in pure hearts.
When she peeps out at dusk
The western sky reflects her Bindi"
I am left to wander endlessly
between dawns and dusks
striving to find out her and her hidings

I am happy to present this 100th poem of mine before.the PH society with added confidence and reliability. I bow before the greatness of everyone of you
Savita Tyagi 18 April 2020

Beautiful poem and a pleasure to read again.

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Thank you Savitaji. I do pray for your safety especially when the whole city of NY is under the treat of the pandemic. LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTU

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Thank you Savitaji. I can think of your stress and strain to keep away from the virus. LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTU

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Dr Dillip K Swain 25 February 2020

Sir, your incessant quest for Goddess has bestowed you a sublime piece of poetry! Your lucid expression makes this composition utterly magnificent carrying profound spiritual intensity..Full score!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 April 2023

I have read this magnificent poem before. The following lines of your poem impresses me a lot: 'Tell me breeze, tell me bees have you met her on your way? '

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Sylvia Frances Chan 01 February 2023

A Beauty of creation, composed by your golden heart for the 100th Poem Celebration, on Poem Hunter, dear Parameswaran Sir. I have enormously enjoyed your poetic words, your 100th poem full of brilliance is in the meantime a Masterpiece! Congratulations, dear Poet.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 09 August 2022

Tell me breeze, tell me bees...I love the delicate expression. This is a fabulous poem dear poet. It gives me immense pleasure to revisit this wonderful poem.

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Savita Tyagi 12 June 2022

This is such a beautiful poem full of tranquility. Scrolling I see my comment left before still want to write again how much I enjoyed reading this poem every time I click on it.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 27 December 2021

Tell me breeze, tell me bees have you met her on your way? I am jealous of this profound inquisition to mild breeze! I sincerely admire this enormous beauty in this great poetic expression!

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Thank you very much Dr. Dillip. Since the characters involved are mild and gentle their dialogue is also supposed to be gentle.Hope I am correct?

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