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Labour Room

Labour room

It was gloomy, pitch dark with patches of blue!
Only a lamp was glowing to overcome the inevitability.

Auld Lang Syne (Old Treasured Memories)

Auld Lang Syne

It was really hard to bid farewell to you.
Still, I was perhaps, left with no other choice.


Hold on.
She was not my mother.
A mere pale yellowish birth certificate cannot establish our relationship!
Trust me, I am pretty sure -

Magical Intervention


You had lost all your hope.
Your wings had fallen heavy and unbearable anymore!

Time For An Art And Craft Class

It's Art everywhere.
It's there in the strokes:
It's there in the lines..
It's there in the paint, colours, palettes-

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01 January 2018

Relax, revive, rejuvenate.

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Parijat Banerjee Popularity